How Being Single Apparently Costs You Nearly $8K More Than Being In A Relationship


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Being single can suck sometimes – think Bridget Jones – nights in, binging on Netflix and consuming your body weight in Ben & Jerry’s. Whilst this may sound heavenly to some, it can get pretty lonesome and tiring doing this alone every day. “Alll byyy myseeeeeelf!”

And to make it all worse it now turns out that your life is actually more expensive than those of your coupled-up friends.

Hard to imagine how when you picture a stereotypical Bridget Jones style single pringle.

A poll of over 2,000 Brits aged 18-30 found that the average Londoner spends around $7500 (£5,800) more a year if they’re single than those in a relationship.

On average, a single spends $195 (£150) a week, compared to the $50 (£39) your loved-up mates are spending.

Where exactly is all this cash going? Well if you think about it, it makes sense that it goes all on takeaways, restaurant food and nights out, (the top three expenses for singletons) closely followed by clothes … oh yeah, and drinks!

Researchers found that those who were single drink almost three times as much as those with partners – spending a crazy $58 (£45) a week – maybe even double that if you’re a cocktail queen! Whereas those in a relationship only spend around $22 (£17).

They put the difference down to the fact that most couples split bills whereas singletons are all about looking good and going out – sometimes with your little friend named FOMO.

Money well spent if you have the whole carpe diem attitude, but imagine what that extra $7500 could go towards if you saved it!

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  • Shannon at Our Crunchy Family

    This was so true for me before I got married. I would go out and just spend money on whatever my heart desired. Now, I clear everything with my husband first! He is wayyy better with money than I ever was!

  • Camille Beygui

    This is awful ! At least I was telling myself that I was saving money by being single. Too bad I guess ahah

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