6 Ways To Treat Yourself When You’re Single Over The Holidays

Single Over The Holidays


We all tend to think of the holidays as a romantic time, a time for matching Christmas sweaters (Bridget Jones), nights curled up on the sofa with your SO and cringe Instagrams. And if we do happen to be single over Christmas, well, be prepared for the militant questioning from relatives at all family gatherings! But not this year.

That’s right, this year we’re are celebrating singledom, because, actually, being single at Christmas is pretty great! From Christmas parties to activities with friends and, of course, NYE, there are a lot of benefits to being single over the holiday season. I mean, we’re all pretty busy reaching our last few career goals for the year, anyway, right? So here’s a list of our favorite things about being single during the holidays, to help you embrace singledom this Christmas, and tell that one Aunt (we all have one) what we really think!

Leave early or stay out all night!

Essentially, you can do whatever you want. This really is the crux of it. Want to go to that party? Go for it! Want to go home early? Why not? Want to stay out all night? There’s no one to moan at you, or change your plans!

Decorate your home the way you like

Another great thing about Christmas-singledom is the monopoly over decorative decision making. There’s nothing worse than the festive decor negotiations when one of you has minimal Scandi taste, and the other likes the Dr. Seuss threw up all over your house look.

No, this year, it’s all up to you, minimal, maximal, anything in between, even one of those creepy Santas you stick on your roof, if you want it, there’s no one there to tell you otherwise.

Spend your holiday however you choose

Using your work holiday allowance to lie on the sofa and binge watch Christmas films? That’s fine. You can use your holiday to do whatever you want. No having to take days off to support your SO at family events! No negotiating over whose house you’re spending Christmas at. Onesies optional, snacks obligatory.

Focus on the relationships you have

No dramas about who is spending time where over Christmas. We all know that arguments can arise when it comes to family/other half/friends demands over the holidays, especially the day itself, so this year you can really embrace family and friends, and focus on existing relationships.

Focus on what you want

New Year Resolutions are all about you! And you can use yours to really focus on what you want in 2017, what you want to achieve, improve, and what will make your life better. Being in a relationship is amazing, but there are times when goals and dreams have to take the other half into consideration – you have free reign to dream as big as you want to!

Sales? Treat yo’self.

Been eyeing that bag up for months? Then the sales are the perfect time for you! You’ve worked hard all year to reach your Career Girl goals and you deserve a treat. And because you haven’t had to spend all your hard earned money on your SO, you can embrace the January sales with relish!

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