The Six Best Perfumes To Wear To Work

photo: Sarah Nait


Finding a perfume to wear to work every day can be difficult, some workplaces have even banned wearing fragrances altogether as so many people are picking perfumes that are too strong. Sticking to a scent that is subtle, professional and light is the best option for the office.

So, having smelled our way around the CGD HQ, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite workwear perfumes, so you can smell gorgeous at the office too!

A woody floral fragrance


This is a classic for a reason. It smells like a beautiful garden party, thanks to the fragrant rose, peony and freesia tones. Cedarwood and Amber as base notes mean that it’s not too sweet, just subtle and summery – no wonder it’s such a hit! Available here.

An energizing scent

s1695998-main-lheroChanel is world famous for their perfumes, and Eau Vive is no exception. Its unusual scent is full of energy and would be certain to get you out of bed on a Monday! It’s a floral perfume with grapefruit, blood orange, jasmine and cedar, and is the perfect fresh scent if you’re looking for something a little less mainstream. Available here.


A high fashion fragrance

_9570793Honestly, we love all of Jo Malone’s fragrances, but the Wood Sage & Sea Salt is our absolute favorite! It’s the perfect combination of bergamot and driftwood, making it fresh, alive, and woody. Available here.

A super subtle perfume


If a full perfume is too heavy for work try a hair perfume like Balmain Hair’s Silk Perfume. It’s a mysterious, feminine fragrance with silk protein and argan oil that protects your hair from environmental damage and delivers a soft wave of scent. Available here.

A scent that transports you to another place

philosykos_resizeThis scent is so lovely, we want the candles, diffuser, and any other products in this line! It’s a wonderful mix of fresh and earthy thanks to the fig leaves and white cedar, and you can smell the wild fig orchards of the Greek isles, that inspired this gorgeous scent. Available here.

A smoky woody scent

_10767242Some of us prefer woody, masculine fragrances to flowery ones. Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille is the perfect blend of vanilla and tobacco, a seriously chic perfume. What’s cooler than wearing a perfume described as a modern take on an old-world men’s club? It’s creamy, opulent and decadent. Available here.

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  • Carolina Calpurnia

    I love Chanel Chance, it smells amazing!

    Carolina ;)

  • jdg1965

    Seriously when are websites and magazines going to stop advising people to wear perfumes? They cause breathing difficulties and migraines, yet you still promote the idea of signature scents and wearing them everywhere.

  • Inma

    My brother and a friend of mine have Tobacco Vanille and I LOVE it! I also love Santal Blush by Tom Ford or Gypsy Water by Byredo, which is the one I usually wear to work in the winter. It is a bit woody but fresh enough

    Inma x |

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