Six Reasons To Smile More!

Do you find yourself cracking a smile at strangers? Or grinning like a mad woman for no reason? Well you’re in luck because smiling actually has a number of health benefits, as well as boosting your mood it can boost you from the inside out! So read on to find out all the ways that smiling can help you, and remember, no matter how bad it gets just smile!

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#1 Reduce Stress
Us career girls are always addled with stress, but simply cracking a smile can release endorphins to diminish those stress hormones!

#2 Lower Heart Rate
Smile! It’ll slow your heart and relax your body, it can temporarily reduce blood pressure and those who regularly smile and laugh are less likely to develop heart disease!

#3 Increase Productivity
Smiling can increase your productivity as it helps you feel better about your job, it can also increase the productivity of your co-workers as smiling is contagious, and seeing you enjoy yourself will spur them on!

#4 Increase your mood
Those stress busting endorphins lift your mood, so smile even if you aren’t feeling it and it could help you feel so much more positive!

#5 Be successful
Smiling makes you seem self-assured and confident. Your boss and co-workers are more likely to approach you if you’re always seen with a friendly smile on your face.

#6 Look younger
Okay so yeah you get laughter lines on your face eventually, but smiling will make you look more attractive and younger, and when we’re older we want to look as if we’ve laughed and had a good smile!

There’s no excuse to smile, even smiling to yourself will help boost your mood and make you feel good! Even when the day throws bad things at you, take some time to smile and you’ll see the effects on your outlook and the people around you. Keep smiling, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with everything us CGD girls are up to and to be the first in-the-know with our amazing updates and giveaways!

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  • JLu

    And the most famous one- smiling and laughing can prolong your life!

  • Rita

    I love how you linked Smiling to health because many don’t realize it.
    Thanks for sharing! And thank you for reminding me to smile more often! :)
    x Rita

  • Madeleine | The Daily Mark

    Love these tips! I’m a big believer in smiling to change your mood.. so long resting bitch face!
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  • Saria

    This is cute lol I like this it gives more “excuses” to smile hehe!
    SJay // The Chronic Dreamer | A Lifestyle Blog

  • Puja

    This is lovely, and if we are having a not-so-good day, smile anyway. Fake it till you make it, right?!
    Hope you have a lovely week!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

  • Lanae Bond

    Even more reasons to show those pearly whites!

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