Six Secrets To Having A Good Hair Day Every Day

What do you when you wake up and your hair looks like it’s been on an adventure that you weren’t invited to? Especially if you’ve got limited time to get ready anyway? Well, besides panic and scream and drag a brush through it with furious abandon, there are a few things you can do in advance to make sure you’re having a good hair day every day! So read on to see our six secrets to a good hair day every day!

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#1 Invest in a great pillowcase
It might seem farfetched but investing in a silk pillowcase has hundreds of benefits, while you sleep your hair will glide across the surface and won’t get tangled or messed up. A silk pillowcase will stop your face from creasing on one side too – and feels incredible!

#2 Prepare in advance
If you know you like your hair a certain way, do some preparation before you wake up. Have a look at some comfortable ways to preserve your style while you’re sleeping, for example sleeping on a plait or with a scarf around your hair after applying serum.

#3 Add some oomph
Teasing the roots of your hair can go a long way in refreshing your look and making your hair look freshly styled. Use dry shampoo or salt spray to add texture to your look, teasing it with a comb or your fingers can help erase any sleep induced flatness.

#4 Treat your hair
Your poor hair goes through a lot, set aside some time to treat it with a great mask. Don’t forget to use heat protection serum to avoid any damage or split ends, and look for a good mask that will keep your hair hydrated and fed. You can even make one from ingredients you have at home!

#5 Shower-right
It may seem obvious but using a great shampoo and conditioner can make a huge difference to how your hair falls. Rinse your hair through with cold water before you get out of the shower to tame frizz and seal in the moisture, and if possible let it naturally dry.

#6 Go easy on the heat
Let your hair have a breather if possible, go easy on the curling tongs and straightening irons and if you use a hair dryer, make sure you use a wide barrelled brush and get the perfect blow out.

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Some people have go-to hair routines that keep their hair in check during the week, whereas others are just able to wake up with perfect hair every day. What’s your secret to a good hair day? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our latest article and meet our team behind the scenes!

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  1. I want to change my hair and have a new look… It’s been so long since I last did it!! Great post!

    NEW BLOG POST!! Today we talk about “CELEBRATION TIME: THE PERFECT GUEST” – how to get dressed for weddings, communions, graduations, etc & options of cocktail dress, evening dress, and much more! Check it out!!

  2. For us curly haired curls not showing/washing your hair is crucial! Let the natural hair oils do there thing:) I started doing it and my hair feels less dry and frizzy:) as well I always sleep with my hair in a loose bun than I wake up with a nice looking waves/curls especially if I had a shower in the evening. A swell a loose braid works too.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Ladies: one more for you: try a “cleansing conditioner” instead of shampoo. Also, here’s a bonus tip: sometimes you should rinse your hair with Apple cyder vinegar … Yup, you’re welcome.

  4. I swear by a silk pillowcase (satin really – I buy mine in KMART for like $5). Whether my hair was longer or short as it is now, a satin pillowcase allows me to go 4-5 days without washing my hair. It looks pretty much the same when I wake up as it did when I went to bed, and I’m a rough sleeper (tosser/turner)! Plus, I’ve heard they’re good for preventing wrinkles.

  5. Great tips!
    If I dry my hair and put it in a pony for a few hours before bed my hair will turn out straight and with very little frizz.

  6. I love my morning sleep time and have long straight hair so I use my straightener to make waves in my hair, add a pump or 2 of hair oil and twist it into a tight, high bun before bed. When I wake up and shake it out I get nice bouncy waves that are glossy and last through most of the day. When the wave get loose, back in the bun a few mins and they come right back. Plus I get a sleep

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