Six Ways To Sleep Better When You Struggle With Anxiety

We know that there’s nothing more unproductive than a bad night’s sleep. You’re not alone, we have all been there. You spend the day longing for your bed, only to lay there tossing and turning with a mind full of thoughts when you get there. Looking at the clock you calculate how many hours you have left until you wake up, which only makes it harder for you to fall asleep. It’s a never ending circle.

Sleep is important for so many reasons, not only limited to energy, productivity, and overall wellness. It’s essential that you sleep well. But, with nearly a third of the population having trouble with the supposedly easy task, sometimes you need some help.

Make the most of the daylight

Getting as much air and daylight as possible will make you far more sleepy at night. Ever find that you struggle to sleep after a lazy day? The more you make the most of outside space in the day, the better you will sleep at night.

Try some dream dust

If you’re struggling to sleep and have tried every textbook answer including shutting off technology, mastering yoga, and eating healthy, you might need to try something else. Mix this magical dust in with your nightcap and you’ll feel instantly more sleepy.

Try a pillow mist 

Aromatherapy certainly helps to relax and de-stress, pillow sprays like This Works Super Sleep will help you to embrace a feeling of calm and serenity before you fall asleep. Pillow sprays are fast acting and contain natural oils that will relax and calm you. This dual pillow spray contains lavender, which gradually releases aromatherapeutic benefits. It also releases wild chamomile, which is widely regarded as a mild tranquilizer. Available here.

Be smart with your skincare

Using a night cream is great to help your skin get fresh, soft and supple. And if you’re struggling to sleep try a serum or an oil that has sleep inducing benefits. Luna Sleeping Oil is formulated to improve the signs of aging, dryness, dullness and basically any problem your skin has overnight. The scent is calming, the aroma of blue tansy is a stress and anxiety reliever, too. Many people say it’s their secret weapon, make it yours? 

Take ten minutes to give yourself a facial massage 


A de-stressing and relaxing routine that will improve circulation and help your skin look amazing is the perfect excuse to chill out and ease your mind. Especially if it’s going one thousand miles an hour. The best way to do this is to get a device that’ll speed up the massage and help you feel seriously relaxed. We love the FOREO for this. The back of your cleansing device is designed for anti-aging facial massages, with the right serum or cream, the T-SONIC pulses, and gentle rhythm feels seriously amazing – it’s impossible not to sleep after this. Plus, if you shop now you can get 25% off.

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