These Skincare Products Will Become Your New Obsession

photo: Urban Outfitters


If you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with all things beauty. You’re probably stocked up with Kylie’s Kits, Charlotte’s Magic Cream, and anything that promises to actually work. For these products to shine, you need to have your skincare routine nailed.

We know that you want to get your skincare game on point, luckily, Urban Decay has got you covered, you need to see the reviews on these products, everybody loves them. And I’m adding every single one to my basket right now!

1. Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray

Who has time to apply primer in the morning? This priming spray is literally perfection, Urban Decay really knows how to design products that we actually need. A spritz or two in the morning will wake up your skin. There’s no such thing as using too much of this product, and it’s perfect for spring/summer.

It can be applied throughout the day, whenever your skin needs that kick, without messing up your makeup.  They also have a Hydrating Priming Spray for those who suffer from dry skin and need more moisture. Buy it here.

2. Optical Illusion Primer

The ultimate all-around mattifying primer! Yes, you can get the look now too! Are you ready to have perfect looking skin? With this primer, your flaws are instantly blurred and flawless. It’s designed to create an optical veil of light on your skin, which finally gives us that glow we’ve been searching for. Buy it here.

3. Urban Defense Primer

Yep, it exists. A primer dedicated to protecting you from the sun and smoothing your skin at the same time. Feel the protection without the heavy feeling of sunscreen, those with oily skin will be ‘blown away’ by how good it is. Buy it here.

4. Self Adjusting Primer

This color-correcting primer features encapsulated pigments that adapt to your skin tone, which creates a soft, focused effect. It’s a primer that works with every skin tone. To get the perfect coverage, blend till you find the perfect tone for your skin (it releases more pigments the more you blend). It goes on so well, you’ll be tempted to wear it on its own. Buy it here.

5. Chill Cooling And Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

Girls, we can finally chill and not worry about our makeup or skin through the day. Forget the trips to the bathroom to reapply, and stop using the old school trick of spraying your face with hairspray. There’s no need now that Urban Decay has launched a spray to stop makeup meltdowns. Through Temperature Control Technology the surface of your face is chilled and your makeup will stay put for 12 hours!

Going for an intense look? Need the extra protection? Wet your brush with CHILL before you apply your makeup. Buy it here.

Meet your ally in combating oil. It will help your makeup stay put, whilst absorbing the oil from your face. It controls shine under the tensest situations. So, it’s perfect for the Career Girl that’s always on the move. Eight-five percent of all participants saw a long-lasting decrease of oil, and protection against it. I want this, like right now. Buy it here.


Which product is on your wishlist? Let us know…

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  • daphne siy

    Want to get my hands on Urban Decay products so bad!!!

  • ceereejay

    All of these seem good for my skin!