The 10 Best Sleeping Apps You Need Right Now



Ideally, we’d all love to achieve the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night. But with late-night work, stress or the temptation of technology before bed, achieving the perfect amount of shut-eye seems almost impossible. Instead of counting sheep or relying on herbal remedies it’s time to switch up your routine and we’re here to help!

Although we are told to put our smartphones and devices away an hour before bedtime, we have found the 10 best apps to help you get the sleep you need and desire. From nature sounds to playlists say farewell to insomnia for good and regain some of that much-deserved sleep you’ve missed out on!






Pzizz helps you get to sleep quicker and faster with a combination of soothing sounds and voice cues aiming to help you relax and de-stress, which ultimately promotes a better night’s sleep! It applies the science of psychonautics, which is a branch of physiological effects to help you fall asleep faster.

Clinical studies have shown that Pzizz has developed sound sequences and dynamic dreamscapes that are tailor-made for each part of your sleep cycle. This app will never get repetitive as it creates a different soundtrack every time you play it. Download it here.





It’s well known that the light transmitting from your computer’s display can cause eye strain during the day. But did you know that it can also cause sleeping problems at night? Research has revealed that the blue light on our devices can disrupt sleep or exacerbate sleep disorders.

And F.lux works against this and adjusts the color of your display to suit the time of day, making it warm at night and sunlit during the day. Users can customize F.lux to match their preferences, with separate user-definable presets for daytime, sunset, and bedtime scenarios. Download it here.



Sleep Cycle:


This is one of the best-known sleep apps out there and for good reason! Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns throughout the night and then uses a 30-minute alarm window, which will wake you up in your lightest sleep phase – clever right?

With Sleep Cycle you are also able to view the data to see how well you slept, so you can see how you can improve your sleep pattern. Download it here.



Sleep Genius:



Sleep Genius is intended to train you to go to sleep using repeated patterns/rhythms of music that the user habitats too. It was developed following research to help astronauts fall asleep, and if they can sleep upside down then I think this is definitely going to work for you!

The app also has a feature for taking a daytime 30-minute nap as well as a daytime relaxation routine that is designed to induce the relaxation response – we know what we’ll be doing on our lunch break! Download it here.






The Sleepo app brings together a great selection of sounds that can be mixed into the perfect relaxing ambiances. You can choose from  32 carefully selected sounds such as different types of rain, nature sounds, city sounds, white noise or instruments.

You can also schedule the timer that will automatically stop the application. Best of all, Sleepo does not require an internet connection so you can use it anywhere without running out of data! Download it here





Sometimes you just need to calm down a little bit before bed, and that’s where apps like this come into place as this life-saving app presents the 7 steps of calmness you need to relax.

The seven guided sessions run from 2-20 minutes with a range of background scenes and sound to choose from (from beaches to pouring rain – this app has it all). Download it here.


Sleep As Android:


Common alarm clocks abruptly ignore your sleep cycles, they wake you up on schedule no matter if you are currently in a deep sleep. And we know that waking up from a deep sleep is unpleasant, it makes you tired and it may negatively affect your mood and productivity during the whole day.

Sleep as Android tracks your sleep to find the optimal moment for your wake up time. Download it here.



Rain Rain Sleep Sounds:



I don’t know about you but the sound of rain on my window whilst I’m nice and cozy in my bed instantly relaxes me and sends me straight to sleep. But, on those days where the heavens decide to close, sleeping doesn’t seem to be so easy. This app has a catalog of over 25 natural noises to help you get to sleep, including rain on a tent, distant thunderstorms, and crashing ocean waves. Fancy hearing a thunderstorm over the ocean from your tent?

This clever app allows you to mix each track together to get the perfect sound for you. It gets better… there’s a custom timer which slowly fades the sounds out, giving you the perfect night’s sleep. Download it here





Pillow works with your Apple Watch to supply more detailed information than a normal sleep tracker. The app is fairly simple; open the app before you go to bed, set a time you’d like to wake up. The app will allow you to record notes about your day, for example, if you had a late-night snack whilst binge-watching Netflix (whoops).

After that, just slip your iPhone under your pillow and hit the hay as normal. During the night, Pillow will use sensors in the iPhone to track your tossing and turning, and translate that into a handy graph! Download it here.





A mammoth adult coloring book – is there anything more you could wish for? As a kid, there was nothing better than coming home from school to a brand new coloring pad. I always find it extremely relaxing and gave me something to focus on rather than just watching TV. This app provides more than 1,000 images to help you relax, rest your mind, and send you into a zen-like meditative state.

The idea behind Recolour is to channel anxiety and relieve stress, by creating a creative accomplishment. Revive your childhood hobby and become a coloring pro from your own bed. Download it here.



Do you use any of these? Tell me how you find them!



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