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When it comes to managing your money there are smart and not so smart things to spend it on. Your ability to save money is directly related to the things you spend your money on, so take it from the girl who once spent a lot of money on a pair of shoes she’s worn approximately 10 times in the 6 years she’s owned them, smart spending is everything.

Here are a few wise purchases you can make this month

1 Personal development

Yep, there’s no better feeling than investing in something that helps you to improve. That’s why we regularly list our favorite courses here, because a course that helps you improve something, whether it’s language or business skills, is definitely worth the money you spend on it.

2 Investments

Investing your money is kind of like spending it, building up your investment portfolio is important and you can usually increase the amount you have. You should seek financial advice from an Independent Financial Advisor if you want to know more about investing, including your risk vs return, they’ll usually ask for half a percent or more to invest your money for  you. You can also open an online trading account to buy and sell equities. Investing is definitely the smart choice!

3 Health

Spend money on things that will improve your health like supplements and gym memberships. You can even buy a plan to follow from home – they just require a certain amount of dedication. You can even buy a fitness tracking watch to help you keep up with your goals.

4 Workwear 

It’s always smart to update your workwear, especially as it gets warmer and the temptation to go to work in your bikini is high. Buy a few smart pieces that will take you into next year like tailored skirts and loose fitting shirts, that way you won’t feel uncomfortable in the workplace.

5 Yourself 

Save a little money to spend on yourself at the end of the month. This time I am talking about those stupidly expensive shoes you’ll never wear. Treating yourself is the best way to stay motivated – and it might not always be smart, but as long as it doesn’t drive you into debt, it’s sometimes a little necessary. Never feel guilty for spending your hard earned cash on something great like a holiday or an amazing dress, because you deserve little boosts every now and then!

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