How Your Smartphone Is Causing Your Bad Diet


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Addicted to your smartphone? I bet more than half of you reading this have it in reach… am I right?

Although smartphones obviously have many perks, (Instagram, being up there with the greats), have you ever thought that they could be having a negative impact on yourself?

Fast food Apps
An obvious reason for causing a bad diet. Like many others, I am guilty of ordering Chinese food on a Friday night. Instead of ordering for one, I end up being able to feed a small family…Oops!

Words of advice, if you’re going to order from a fast food app, do it once a month. Treat yourself, all in moderation. Delete the app after using it so you aren’t tempted to order from it every week. Instead, I find myself browsing Pinterest for healthy alternatives…or, If I’m feeling super lazy, I drag myself to the fridge and tell myself to make a salad, because I’m strong and independent women who does not need that pizza!

Smartphones Are Like The New TV
They sometimes make you fall into the Couch Potato category. We now have instant access to everything via our phones, we can stream anything live as long as we have an internet connection. We find ourselves half asleep, shovelling anything sugary into our mouths while watching our favorite Netflix series at 1am. This isn’t something that should be a nightly occurrence.

Social Media
Another cause of bad diets, we’d much rather follow multiple fitness accounts and like videos of their workouts instead of going out and doing it ourselves! We need to be more proactive and take a break from our phones.

It’s so easy to become addicted to our devices as our whole lives are saved on there! And for the diet part? Well, I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve watched food porn on Instagram, leading my butt to the cupboard; then the next thing you know, my hand is in the darn cookie jar.

Going food shopping? Leave it behind. Taking your dog for a walk? Leave your phone on charge. I think it will make you a much healthier and happier person!

“People should take time from their cellular technology for a better quality of life,” Nancy Copperman, director of Public Health Initiatives at North Shore says. I think she’s right you know.

Although our smartphones are an amazing form of technology, we all too often forget what’s out there in the real world. Take a step back, enjoy the moment and live for now.

Written by Ellie McHugh

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