This Snack Box Technique Will Become Your New Obsession

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We are getting busier, and that means that we look for convenience when it comes to snacks, so we run to the shop and grab some super easy (but not super healthy) snacks. We all know about meal planning, and how life changing that can be, but the next-level trend taking the internet by storm is snack boxing.

Snacking is an area that we all fall behind in, so why not plan your snacks for the week too? Here’s how to snack box your way to super healthy!

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1. Plan out your week.

Just like you would with meal planning, look at the week ahead, this way you can see when you are the busiest and then you can plan out your meals with the snacks. It does mean you have to do a bit of pre-emptive grocery shopping, grabbing things like carrot sticks, crackers, grapes, cheese, and hummus is cheaper in the long run than buying biscuits. Trust us.

2. Pre-Pack Your Snacks.

The key is to pack up your snacks the night before so you have them ready to grab and dash! Dedicate one or two days in the week to prep your snacks for the week ahead and pack them into clear boxes or bags, that way the snacks will be accessible and easy to store in your fridge or cupboards. I like to put my snack box right by the front door so I know I won’t forget it. To be honest, if you’re on a health run, this is the best way. And it does save you money, because you’re less likely to dash to a shop when you’re hungry!

3. Control Your Portions.

When you create your own snack boxes you have the power to control your portion sizes. Therefore when you are prepping your snacks you can ration out your portions that way you do not over eat because you are bored or tired at work.

4. Buy In Bulk.

A big tip for eating healthy especially when it comes to snacks  is to be always well stocked. Because, if you know that you have the supplies you are less likely to go out and buy junk. You can buy things like nuts in bulk, but snack boxes don’t have to be boring. I’ve seen snack boxes that contain bread with mozzarella and tomato and a dip. Yum!

5. Lunch and snacks all in one box.

A box with sections for snacks and lunch is probably the best option, we love the idea of having leftover pasta salad for lunch with chocolate chips and peanuts, kiwis and blueberries when the munchies hit! Here are some other ideas:

6. Veggies and Hummus.

Cut up your favorite vegetables and bring a pot of hummus, this low fat snack will keep you going and is everybody’s favorite snacking staple!

7. Apples and peanut butter sandwiches.

This will satisfy your sweet and salty cravings all at once. Smush the peanut butter between apple slices to make a ‘sandwich’ that’ll give you a quick fix when you crave sugar.

8. Rice cake with some peanut butter and banana.

This is a great breakfast option! Rice cakes are not too high in fat and with the right toppings, a bland rice cake can become a super delicious snack!

9. Crusty bread with mozzarella.

A simple option would be bread and vinegar, but we like two small halves of a baguette with mozzarella and tomatoes, and maybe a little pesto if you’re feeling adventurous. Don’t feel bad about the carbs, opt for a salad for lunch and then you’ll be pretty balanced!


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  • Natalie Harney

    These look so good, not sure how well they’d keep but I do like the idea of planning out my snacks ahead of time

    – Natalie

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