Here’s Why You Should Ban The Discover Pages On Social Media



I think it’s fair to say, it’s highly unlikely that you would ever be able to fully conquer your social media addiction. The world relies on it and your ability to socialize would be pretty non-existent in its absence. Having an online identity is a genuine thing; we can’t just give it up.

I gave mine up for a full week, an eye-opening experience that you can read about here, and whilst it was great, I knew it wouldn’t last. One thing I was sure of though, there were little changes I could make to help me hold on to that refreshed feeling everyday.

Here’s how I did it…
Completely escaping from social media gave me a clear view on exactly what I liked and disliked about it. Sharing my own memories, I love. Living the memories of those close to me, I also love. Receiving constant updates of people I barely know, I hate. Constantly comparing my life to those that I can only dream my own would be like, I also hate.

It soon became obvious that a lot of my social media anxiety stemmed from being exposed to too much content, and forever stalking people I don’t even know. If only there was a simple solution to allow me to enjoy the best bits.

Cue ditching all of the apps beloved discover pages.
I ignored the Snapchat stories, stopped looking at the popular posts page on Instagram and avoided scrolling through ‘liked’ tweets.

Now, I get far less of an update on what everyone else is doing and I only look at posts I have chosen to see through clicking the follow button. I don’t constantly compare my life to others in a hundred different ways.

And without that ‘fitspo’ obsessed girl making me feel guilty for still being in my PJs at 4pm, everyone’s Snapchat stories making me constantly feel boring and being witness to people liking sly, indirect tweets I have found myself feeling much more confident in myself.

I have far less to compare to, and my news feeds are filled with so much more to be happy about.

Would you consider stopping your stalking for your sanity? Let us know your thoughts on social media anxiety.


  • Camille Beygui

    Great post

  • Ella

    Definitely taking these tips on board. Going to have a social cleanse!

    Ella xx

  • Ashley Chason

    Is there a way to do this on facebook? Back in the day you could choose only to see photos, updates, etc. Nowadays my feed is a big mess. I don’t want to see when people liked something or commented on someone else’s pictures or posts. The same posts also pop up multiple times because of this. If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

    • Cyndhee Dora

      In other person profile, there’s a button where you can choose to follow their feed or not. You’ll still be friend, but their feed won’t appear in your dashboard. I’ve unfollow several people who like to post negative and unnecesary things and it’s been great coz I only saw my closest friends updates.

      • Ashley Chason

        Thank you for responding! I definitely unfollow people, but even for the people I follow I don’t care to see when they like something or comment on other people’s posts. I would love to only be able to see status updates or pictures, but I don’t think there is a way anymore. Probably tied to advertising and money somehow.

  • Lillian Gao

    Haha, you just found this out? Girl, I’ve been ignoring users I don’t personally follow since the very beginning. Whenever I have taken a peek at Instagram’s Discover page, though, my self-confidence plummets immediately. Your approach is right on– it’s not abstinence from social media; it’s just more careful curating of the content you see and read.

    Lil, xx

  • Marina Laduda

    I have a friend who quite Facebook three years ago and she lives such an authentic life, I am almost jealous. She was getting anxiety from her friends photoshopping their photos and when one finally photoshopped her to look thinner she’d had it and deleted her profile for good. I guess I can relate because I feel myself getting jealous, nervous, and even distanced from the people posting in my newsfeed. I’ve unfollowed a bunch of people, do semi annual purges of friends, and participate in a lot of facebook studies… I think I’d miss out if I quite like my friend, but unfollowing stuff hasn’t had that big an effect.

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