5 Ways To Upgrade Your Instagram Account

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For most of us, Instagram is a big obsession! With 700 million active users worldwide, there’s a reason why it’s one of our favorite apps! And, I, for one, know that I cannot go a day without checking it. But with influencers taking our feeds by storm, it’s inspired a lot of us to post more than our usual cheeky selfies and dinners! So, is your feed in need of a revamp? Then try following these simple tips that will help you achieve the Instagram feed you’ve always dreamed of, and anyone browsing your page won’t be able to resist following you either!

1. Decide On A Theme

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably following all the major stylish bloggers and brands with inspiring themes. But, the one thing you should notice about them is that they all have one thing in common; they all have a consistent theme. This theme runs throughout their feed, making sure that all the photos fit together visually.

There are a few ways you can implement themes into your Insta-feed. You can start with a color scheme, and post photos that fit a particular color palette. Do this, and your feed will automatically start looking better put together. This might seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be; don’t just post anything and everything, only post photos that match with the aesthetics and vibe of your feed.

2. Keep Your Editing Consistent

Another trick influencers do is that they use the same filter for every photo – and you can choose the right one to fit you perfectly. When I revamped my Instagram, I downloaded the app VSCO. This app has all the key tools you’ll need to adjust your photos, as well as plenty of different filters you can choose from. It helped me edit all my photos to one theme, which meant all of my photos were consistent with each other. And consistency is important for anyone who wants to take Instagram seriously. It’s important that you keep your editing more or less the same for each photo, particularly when it comes to filters.

3. The Importance of Natural Light

One basic rule of photography is to do your best to utilize natural light, as opposed to artificial light as it can leave your photos overexposed. A handy way to make sure your pictures are bathed in natural light is to take them at the brightest times of day, which is in the morning or late afternoon, (and golden hour is great for gorgeously glowy photos). And of course, if you’re dealing with nighttime photography, then natural light might be hard to come by, we’ll make an exception for the use of flash here.

4. Declutter Your Feed

So, you’ve followed all of the previous steps, and still, something isn’t right? Your Instagram feed isn’t looking perfect yet? Perhaps your photos are a bit cluttered. When taking photos for your Instagram you should be aware of the space around you. Look at the background of your shot and make sure it is tidy and clean. Attention to detail is key. But, of course, it depends on what you’re photographing, but generally, a tidier photo with a bit of clear space achieves will help you achieve the perfect photo.

5. Plan Your Posts

As mentioned above, consistency is important. So, the amount you post and the times you post must be consistent in order to grow a following. There are numerous apps to help you with this, like Hootsuite or Planoly – they will help you organize and stay on top of your posts. With Planoly, you can log in and view your current Instagram page and upload potential photos you might post; they won’t go straight onto your feed, but this way you will be able to see how photos will look before you post them. This will be very useful if you’re unsure whether a post will look good alongside another, and you can even slide pictures around to see what arrangement looks best.

The analytics part of these apps will help you know what posts are the most successful and therefore you’ll be able to increase your following!

Do you have any tricks and tips that you use on your feed? Let us know in the comment section below!



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  1. Like any other platform, it’s imperative to have a solid handle on your branding and strategy. I am happy to have been able to take my Insta following from 2.4k to 17.6k in just six months, and clients from nonexistent to in the thousands in 3 months or less. Hit me up. @nadyarousseau http://www.socialmediastorytelling.co

  2. I agree with all your points! I worked with major brands in advertising and know all big brands look for high engagement. And in order to get higher engagement you need to build a consistent brand, on all levels.

  3. Great tips! Themes really are key here. I remember mine used to be very random.. all in colour order, but a bunch of useless images found online. Now, I’m very careful with my theme and everything I post are my own photos. I’m close to 2k too..

  4. Awesome post! I recently started blogging and I’ve been trying to get my IG in order and these are definitely some useful tips to follow. Lol I already started doing research and downloaded some other apps for photo editing along with VSCO…Now I just need help choosing a pic to start with.

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