Spring Is Here! Now Get Cleaning With These 6 Apps

photo: Camille Phill


It’s that time of year again when you head out the door with both sunglasses and umbrella in tow. Who even knows what to wear? You’ve got too many choices and a wardrobe that needs clearing out. And that dress you always keep, but never wear… throw it out – you don’t need a Marilyn moment anyway. Let’s not forget the fact that the house is looking less ‘Pinterest’ and more ‘Hoarders‘ these days too. Spring means two things: open toe sandals (that will inevitably get soaked when it rains) and spring cleaning.

And it just got easier with these helpful little apps that will get the job done faster, which leaves you with more time for the good stuff, like shoe shopping and buying umbrellas.

Our Home

This app is perfect for those living with housemates. The Our Home apps allow’s you to schedule chores and assign them to the willing housemate. It makes keeping up-to-date with the house easy-peasy and puts out any fires about who took the bins out last. You can even set reminders and rewards. Genius. Find it here.


Depop is a handy app for selling your old clothes. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us have a section in our wardrobe which we re-wear over and over again. But then there’s the other section, the section we always casually graze over. A section that we stubbornly cling to but never actually wear. Maybe it’s full of stuff we can no longer fit into, but hold on to because we dream that one day we can squeeze into those little jeans again. Think, once it’s out – then there’s more room for new clothes! New jeans guys, you’ll love them just as much and you’ll actually wear them. Find it here.

Offer Up

For all other goods (unused Christmas presents – thanks, aunty Gladys for that pepper grinder, but no thanks) you can sell them via the Offer Up app. Because someone, somewhere is going to look at that pepper grinder and think- what a great gift, and it will be someone else’s problem! A local-focused marketplace, meaning there’s no fuss with postage as all sales are collect only. Making money and de-cluttering has never been so easy and now you have more money to buy more clutter. Perfect.


This app prioritizes your to-dos for you, meaning no more decision fatigue. There are no deadlines, alarms or reminders should you be not into your iPhone bossing you about. The idea is tasks are scheduled by actual need rather than arbitrary dates. Oh, and Tody also visualizes dirtiness and the effect of cleaning, for all the Monica’s out there (Friends reference!). Find it here.

Unfilth Your Habitat

A motivation app that encourages you to clean through a series of challenges and insults. You can set time challenges to motivate yourself to get your jobs finished faster and procrastination-free. Perfect for those of us who get easily bored and distracted. The real name of this app is a little ruder, but it’s still just as good! Find it here.


You’ll save time de-cluttering if you monitor the clutter that makes it through your door. Starting with the endless mail that greets you at the front door, PaperKarma allows you to cancel unwanted post. Simply, snap a picture of the offending mail and it’s taken care of. Easiest cleaning ever and you’re saving the trees. Find it here.

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