How To Squeeze In Your Workout While You Get Ready For Work

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What if we told you there is a way to squeeze working out into your busy schedule without getting up at 5am for a pre-shower run?

Just follow the 5 steps below…


STEP 1 Squat whilst you brush your teeth
You might lose count of how many you do whilst trying to remember which bit of your mouth you’ve already brushed, but WHO CARES!

Two minutes of deep squats each morning is great for your bum and legs, use the toilet seat or side of the bath as a guide of how far to squat.

STEP 2  Tricep dips on the worktop
When you’re waiting for your toast to pop up or the kettle to boil, have a go at some tricep dips or push-ups against the work counter to work your upper arms and body, just be careful of hot appliances!

STEP 3 Lunge from room to room
If you’ve got housemates an early morning meeting in the hallway could be hard to explain…but as soon as they see those buns of steal, they’ll be jumping straight onto the lunge-wagon.

STEP 4  Twisty blow-dry
Standing up and drying your hair? Have a go at some side twists whilst you’re at it, pull your tummy in tight and move slowly so as not to get your hair caught up in the hairdryer!!

STEP 5  Brekkie step ups
I would only recommend doing this exercise with a dry breakfast, no porridge coffee or cereals please.

Piece of toast in hand, grab a kitchen chair and step up on one leg 20 times over, alternating which leg you lead with each time. Another great little leg and BUM BURNER!



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  1. These are all great ideas, I’d love to be able to wake up early and go gym before work, as I don’t enjoy going after as much.

  2. Ha! Love it!! Perfect way to start the day, and not feel like you’ve really broken a sweat!!


  3. Great tips! Will be doing some of it soon!

  4. Squats while brushing teeth sounds like something I will try =o)

  5. Great ideas ! I don’t know why but squatting while brushing your teeth seems really fun

  6. I’m starting squatting while brushing like, right now :) I drink a ton of coffee, so I brush a lot. That’s the most fun work out ever, thanks so much!
    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

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