How To Start A Running Routine You Will Actually Stick To

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Running’s the one exercise we’ve all been too scared to commit to. It hurts, it feels like it never ends, and you begin to wonder if the pain is even worth it. But it’s the king of cardio, the health benefits are out of this world, and we’d all like to be able to tell our colleagues about our new ten mile personal best. So if you’re ready to join the rest of the runners, then follow these tips to learn and master the art of running.

Don’t rush things

Don’t worry if you’re slow and out of breath the first time you go for a run – that’s normal! This is day one, and you don’t want to finish in so much pain that you talk yourself out of ever going again. You’ve got this girl, take a deep breath and you’ll see your stamina build in no time.

Alternate rest days

Start off going for a run every other day. This lets your body ease into it – that last thing you want is an injury early on. Don’t beat yourself up that you need to rest, you’ll adapt soon enough, and build your running timetable up to for or five times a week! Remember that you’re beating everyone sat on the couch, so keep going, you got this!

Get the right shoes

The right shoes can change any occasion, and running is no different. A bad pair of sneakers could lead to an injury, meaning your running career could come to an end much sooner than you were planning! They may not seem as glamorous as a pair of heels, but once you get yourself a cute pair of sneakers, you’ll want to show them off so much you’ll be desperate to go for that run.

Make a fun playlist

Good music is essential if you’re going to be able to enjoy running. It’s hard to motivate yourself to keep going when you’re in so much pain, and so a power playlist to lift your mood is a must! Beyonce, Rihanna & Ariana are personal faves, but pick your favorite tunes, and get moving to them!

Set a long term target

Working towards an event is great to keep you motivated. Charity runs are great as they’re less competitive, and you’re working towards a goal, and it’s all for a good cause, so keep working hard and keep up with your routine! It will all be worth it. Don’t make running a burden, instead, make it part of the positive energy you want in your life. This makes it so much easier to be motivated to go out every week, and before you know it, running has become a regular part of your life!


Written by Hope Turner.




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  1. All good tips! For new runners, I think the Couch to 5K program is awesome. It helps you ease into running, it incorporates rest days, and it gives you something to aim for – a 5K. And if you’re so not into running for 30+ minutes straight, don’t forget about intervals! There are people who run/walk their half marathons and marathons…it works!

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