Why Starting An Etsy Shop Could Be The Key To Saving Money




Many of us struggle with ways to save money for emergencies, travel and pocket change but fall short every time. However, for some creative self-starters and ingenious entrepreneurs Etsy has not only been a way to express creative zeal but a way to turn hobbies into income. Cha-ching! And this, girls, is your first lesson in Making Money While You Sleep: 101.

Fulfill a passion

Whether to save, an extra income or to fulfill a passion Etsy is the place. If you are constantly driven to make things in your spare time like Christine with Thou Art Lovely, then why not try your hands at presenting them to the public. Be sure to check out other sellers with same or similar products before embarking on your task—you will need to know how to position your art and find a niche.

Embrace a hobby as a spare time gig

“If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense” is something a wise friend use to tell me. Well, some hobbies make sense, but just don’t bring home the bacon. The best thing about Etsy is you can make and sell at your own pace. Sell only what you have (now) and make more as time permits. “Limited edition” items are always hot e-commerce, read our article on Kylie Jenner’s lip kits to find out why. Remember it’s a hobby that you share with others, so don’t go about quitting your day job until your venture takes off like Jill Makes.

Convenient side hustle

Early mornings, late nights, who has time for a second gig when you only have time for 4 hours of sleep? My advice is to make money while you sleep! It’s the e-commerce way (and my mantra). Etsy gives you the flexibility to do the above and then rest while your bank account goes, cha-ching and the wee hours of the night. Read our article on four major career moves you should make before you’re 30 to find out how a hobby can help you here.

What is art if it can’t be seen?

You’re an artist huh. You paint, draw, write, and escape into places many of us dream. Yet all is stored in boxes, crates, drawing pads and adobe. What’s the point? Shouldn’t that talent be shared? Of freaking course. Etsy is an artist platform, just ask Etsy artist Kristen Rosas, the artist behind luxandtrip. So test the market for your talent on Etsy before it makes its way to the Guggenheim. Check out our article on courses to help you build your business if you want to turn your Etsy selling into a full-time thing.


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  • Majean G

    This has given me the nudge to start my etsy shop…thanks! :)


    • Sharon Nicole Hughes

      Great! Good luck!

      • Majean G

        Thank you! :)

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Nice article! :)


  • Yelle

    These reasons are exactly why I started a shop! It’s mostly a hobby, a side-hustle, a fun little thing that is all mine (while during the day I work for an organization). Even though it isn’t super profitable at the early stages, it’s something that is all mine, and I love having it.

    • Sharon Nicole Hughes

      Love it!

  • Lauren Pence

    I want to start a shop, but its the start up that been holding me back!


  • Princess Kaiulani

    I just recently started up an etsy shop!! It was a great way to get back into art and designing. I love it!!

    Princess Kaiulani | http://www.princesskaiulanit.blogspot.com

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