How To Stay Hydrated The Right Way Every Day


We all know the importance of staying hydrated throughout the day, leading to glowing skin, healthy nails and long locks (what else do we need in life?!)

However, this is easier said than done. It’s said you ned to drink 2 liters of water per day. Now look at 2 liters and wonder how on earth that’s possible. Our bodies are 60% water based, so we have to make it a priority to keep refilling our bodies.

Buy bottles

The best and first method to hydrate your body is through water, H20, there’s nothing better really. A good idea is to buy two big  liter bottles, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. By having two bottles you will not be so overwhelmed by the amount of water you need to get through. Why not get a felt tip pen and draw lines on the bottle for each hour to hit. Small goals lead to big changes.

This S’well bottle is really good for hydration, just keep it topped up!

Eat more hydrating foods

Science shows another method of increasing our water intake is through eating more fruits such as strawberries and watermelon, both 92% water based. You can even slice these up and add them to your water bottle to infuse the water to make it more flavorsome.

After exercise grab coconut water

Coconut water is the best option in comparison to sports drinks during and after a workout. Your body looses mineral-rich fluids during exercise, coconut water is packed with potassium and natural sugar, unlike sports drinks that only contain half of the potassium content and five times the amount of processed sugar. You have to give coconut water a chance, it takes a little getting used to!

Make your water alkaline 

A study in 2001 found that drinking alkaline water for 3 to 6 months lowered cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure. It’s also said to help cure acid reflux and speed up metabolism. If you want to try it leave lemons in water overnight or try hot water with lemon in the morning or add 1/8 tbsp of baking soda to an 8 oz. glass of water.

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  1. Great post, I always try to drink 2-3 Litres of water a day, but inevitably fall off the wagon at some point!


  2. Food contains water too which adds up to your daily intake. So you don’t have to drink 2 liters, it’s less that that :)

  3. I know I need to up my water intake – and a coconut water reward after a workout sounds like a great idea. Not so sure about the alkaline water thing (especially as lemons are acidic) but I know it’s a great way to warm up the digestive system in the morning. Here’s my recipe for it:

    Besma | Curiously Conscious

  4. I swear by coconut water after a workout or my yoga class! It’s so delicious! =o)

  5. Great post! I always bring a liter of water with me to work as a challenge to make sure I get enough water during the work day!

  6. I found using a bottle to cause my water intake to sky rocket! Having a bottle near me stops me from forgetting to drink! I’d never thought to have coconut water after exercise – I’ll be remembering this for the future! :-)

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