How To Stay Sane When You Work More Than One Job

Whether it’s school and a part-time job, a full-time job and an internship, or you’ve got a side hustle going on, many career girls work outside the 9-5. Sometimes it can be nice to have multiple things going on, but other times it will drive you crazy. Here’s how to stay sane when you work more than one job.


Most of the time, a second job will be something you’re taking on so you can do the thing you really want to do (like pay the bills while you go to school, or pay rent while pursuing your artistic dream). I once had part-time university classes, a fashion internship, a job at the student newspaper, and a job as a hotel clerk all in the same month. I knew that the newspaper job was me pursuing my dream (first), the hotel was paying my way (second), the fashion internship was good for my CV (third) and that I could catch up if I slipped a bit in school (fourth). It’s not a pretty picture, but you have to decide what sacrifices you’re going to make early on to avoid personal confusion later!

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Nothing, I repeat nothing, will help you more than a day planner will. Write down your shifts, your assignments, the time it will take you to prepare (weekend work or study sessions); book in anything that you know you’ll need time for. Your planner should be small enough to fit in your bag and have enough space to put in multiple appointments every day. The best ones will let you see your week all at once, so you can plan ahead.


When you’ve got two jobs (perhaps with different dress codes) the last thing you want to be doing in the morning is trying to plan what the day’s outfit will look like. Invest in some polished pieces you can wear from job to job: slacks, a button-down t-shirt, a denim skirt or a silk blouse are all great staples that you can take from class to jobs to nights out. A wear-everywhere blazer is a must have for these situations.

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Sleep is one of those catch-22s, if you don’t get enough of it, you’re going to get worse at your job, which will stress you out…making you lose more sleep. It’s imperative to have a clear head going into busy weeks. Sleeping well helps with brain functions, and lack of it is often the reason people get sick (which can be a nightmare when people are counting on you!)


You’ll burn out quickly if you’re not careful with multiple priorities, so be sure to have ways to reward yourself—even if it’s a coffee on the way to work, or a hot water bottle when you get to bed. Be sure to take time for you—all work and no play will make you miserable!

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  1. Some great tips to remind oneself to plan well and take care of yourself. I am currently doing two-three jobs. I have my regular job which helps pay bills, I have my website which is my passion and I do photography on the side sometimes which helps my creativity. It’s definitely tough!

  2. Definitely needed to read something like this.
    Prioritizing is soon important. And so is sleep. I thought i could cut back on my sleep and survive, but ended up getting sick from all the stress. Personal time and rest is definitely important for the long run!

    x Carina
    Running White Horses – Travel + Fashion Blog

  3. Thank you for this post. I’m a full-time teacher from Miami, FL and part-time blogger still trying to monetize my writing talents. I definitely agree with the importance of prioritizing and getting enough sleep. I make special effort to get 7-8 hours a night.

  4. Great tips. I am a corporate lawyer and i have started a blog. Sometimes it gets very difficult to manage both.

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