Here’s How To Stay On Track After Failure

When your plans have failed, and your dreams seem further away than ever…it’s hard to pull yourself together and start again. So, how do you stay on track after failure?

Don’t be too harsh on yourself

It’s important to realize that everyone fails. How many publishers did J.K. Rowling send her Harry Potter manuscript to, before finding someone who would publish it? And how many tracks did Beyoncé record that we’ve never heard? Read our article about what we can learn from successful women who’ve stepped down if you need some more motivation! It is very easy sometimes to forget everyone does experience failure at some point. That’s because, quite often, we can’t appreciate our own successes and play the comparison game. So, believe in yourself and you will glow! 

Give yourself the BFF-treatment!

This sounds corny, but you need to be your own cheerleader! Why put yourself down, when you could give yourself the BFF treatment? Would you tell your best friend, “You’re a loser, you’ll never get there.” or “See, your dreams are not realistic.”. No way! We save that stuff for ourselves. So, next time say you’re feeling defeated, be kind to yourself and say, “I will get there eventually!” 

Failure is just another lesson learnt 

Reaching success is no straight line. In reality, it’s a rocky road with several ups and downs. The ups are easy, but once you’re down (and that will happen) you’ll learn those valuable lessons about yourself, and the sacrifices you’re willing to make. Sadly, that doesn’t happen overnight but soon you’ll realize failure means another lesson and another reason to keep on fighting! Here’s how to bounce back from failure stronger than ever, so you never feel the need to give up.

Why did you start in the first place? 

When you’re wondering if this is all worth the hassle, just think about why you wanted a change or wanted more in the first place. Or if that isn’t working, make an inspirational Pinterest board or read this article on how to stay productive when you have zero motivation. You can do it!

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  1. Perspective is always the best way to motivate yourself to keep going. Just because you failed doesn’t mean you’re a failure. Thanks for helping me remember to keep everything in perspective!

  2. It is my personal experience that before you can move past any failure, you’re feelings of disappointment, sadness and anger must be acknowledged, honored and then let go. Even though they may be defined as negative, these are your feelings and you earned them honestly. It’s tempting to run away from or try to push them down. Starting over is much easier and often times more successful, when you first clean your emotional house.

  3. Very true especially if you invest several months of work and creativity into a business project which gets zilch clients and absolutely no income for your efforts! Obviously in my case I just kept working in my dayjob but it is ten times harder recovering when you do not have an income much above the minimum wage in the first place!!

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