12 Genius Ideas For Staying Active During Lockdown


During a time of such uncertainty and negativity, bring some joy to your mind and body. Look at this as an opportunity, to enjoy reconnecting with yourself and rediscovering what your likes and dislikes are away from a phone connection. Activate your mind and body in ways you had forgotten, imagine, create and develop a new way of life. Create new routines, habits and a new normal.


With a second lockdown on the horizon, many of us are wondering what’s the best way of staying active during lockdown, both mentally and physically. During a lockdown, there can be endless social media scrolling and comparisons taking place, instead of filling your mind with negative chatter and feeling unmotivated, redirect this bored energy and keep your mind and body active. Devise a challenge for yourself, each week try 5 of these activities. That’s at least one a day.  

Some ideas: 

Play some board games, whether these include: Monopoly, Cluedo, Kerplunk, Buckaroo, Mousetrap, play a game and bring out that competitive side. 

Complete a crossword puzzle, brain teaser, sudoku, word search, spot the difference, complete some jigsaws, play lego, enjoy challenging your brain  

SLOW DOWN! Read a book, lose yourself in a world of fiction, learn new skills, use self-help books, explore nature, be inspired by others, meditate, or listen to some calm music. 

Use your imagination– write a book, write a short story, write a children’s book, divulge into a world of imagination. Write in a planner, decorate your planner, write a to-do list, make a list for every area of your life, why not use a daily planner to stay on track. 

Become a student again, enroll in a free course, enroll in education, learn a new skill, develop new ideas and skills, start a business, take the plunge, and go for it. 

Be creative, scrapbook, organize photos, re-decorate, blog, vlog, rearrange your home, organize storage. 

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Stress Less Journal


Physically keeping our body active during lockdown has become a new challenge. There are so many ways in which you can move your body. 

These include: 

Take yourself on a walk, put some headphones in, and discover some favorite podcasts to listen to, listen to your favorite music, phone someone you care about, and have a catch up while walking. Take your dog for a walk. 

Find love for exercising again, now is the perfect time to see which exercise you could love. A lot has become accessible from home, sign up to online sessions at the gym, yoga studios, barre classes. Look through Youtube and challenge yourself to a HITT workout. Challenge your friend to the same workout, do it at the same time together through facetime or a video call. You can also use a fitness planner that can help keep you on track with any new fitness goals!

If you hate exercise, put your favorite songs on and dance around the house, find enjoyment in screaming your favorite songs, and hosting a private concert. 

Take some time and reconnect with your body, practice stretching, yoga, pilates, discipline yourself. 

Do your chores, this may sound boring but put your favorite playlist on and get those chores done, hoover the house, garden. 

Become a tourist in your city, see the world through a fresh pair of eyes, find your local walking trails, see new landmarks. 


By Lauren Hart Vipond 


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