A Step By Step Guide To Building Your Life Plan



I don’t have to be the one to tell you that creating the life you love is important. And hey, I’m no stranger to things not going exactly to plan. But, it’s all about rolling with the punches and not letting them keep you down. Sometimes, all it takes is some little adjustments that will have a really positive impact on your life. Because the life you want isn’t going to come to you, you’re going to have to go after it! And here’s how you can become the master of it all by following these steps to build a life plan you love:

Determine your end goal:

Successful, career girls always knew what they wanted out of life. They turned their dreams into goals and went out into the world to start making it happen! For some of you, you may be still trying to figure it out – and that’s ok, but are you actually trying to figure it out, or are you letting time pass you by? Sit down and figure out with yourself what you want from life, and compare that to the person you are now. If you want to be a boss but feel like you’re too much of an introvert then determine what you need to do to break those barriers and not let them hold you back. Ask yourself what’s the end goal? Get serious with yourself and don’t be embarrassed by your dream, because it’s yours and you can make it happen by just trying!

Plan for it:

The next step, where most people trip and fall is the planning stage. It’s all well and good having goals and creating your step-by-step plan but making it happen is the hardest bit. Can you honestly say you’re doing everything you can at the moment? You have to really use your brain and do the research to do it. But every successful career girl knows this, in a world where success isn’t just handed to you, you’ve got to figure out how you’re going to achieve it. And you definitely won’t be able to do it without a plan. Treat your goals like a job, like there’s going to be a boss that’s going to give you hell when you don’t meet your targets. You should be your own boss and failure is not a possibility. Remember that things take time, but don’t stop working towards it.

Hold on to the why:

Never forget why you are going after your dream, it’s the reason why that will always motivate you to reach for the stars. Don’t let your reason why to be all about making money! Because we all want to earn money from doing what we love, but don’t let that be your motivator. Dig deep and be honest with yourself, your life may have been filled with reasons why you couldn’t so instead, let them be your reasons why you’re going to change that.

Envision your future:

Ask any successful person and they will tell you that they used the law of attraction to help them achieve their goals. They visualized their success. They envisioned how they wanted to be in the future and it actually happened and a lot of people swear by it. I, myself, truly believe what you put out into the universe you receive, so give it a go! Do the things you want to be remembered for and suddenly you won’t only be going after the dream, but living it!

Think about what you need:

This is really important. In order to assess where you are now, you need to analyze your life. Determine if there are things and people only in your life because you need them there or if you want them. It’s essential to declutter your life of all the things you really don’t need! Because it takes up your time away from doing the things you actually want to do! Now, that you’ve created your plan you need to surround yourself with attitudes, people, and actions that will push you forward, not hold you back!

Be equipped with the right tools:

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  • Marianne

    Time to start calling the dream a plan!
    These steps are definitely essential for building a specific, measurable, achievable and realistic plan :) <3

    • Libby Smith

      Hi Marianne, that’s exactly right! I hope the steps help you create a concrete plan to help you reach for the stars! xoxo

  • nicci marquart

    Thanks for this! Well written so might actually get me going :) :)


    • Libby Smith

      Hi Nicci, are you ready to go get ’em?!

  • Maddison Jayne

    So well written, adding this to how I am going to achieve those goals! Thank you xx maddisonjayne.blog/

    • Libby Smith

      Hi Maddison, glad you liked the post! I hope it helps you achieve your goals and dreams! You can do it xoxo

  • Kusjka Du Plessis

    Love it! Thank you!

    • Libby Smith

      Hope it helps you to live out your full potential!

  • The December Dame

    Love this!


    • Libby Smith

      Glad you liked it! Hope it inspires you to get things done!

  • Javier Blanco

    Genial post !! gracias.

    • Libby Smith

      Hi Javier, thank you!

  • clxelouise

    This is just the post I needed to read right now! I’ve been trying o think about where I want to take my life but I’ve just been so confused on how to get started!
    Cloe X http://clxelouise.blogspot.com

    • Libby Smith

      Hi Cloe, glad you liked it and that it has inspired you to get things done! That’s one of the hardest things; getting started. But, you’ve got to make a start, you will never feel prepared or ready enough to do it, so just jump! You can do it!