From Struggle To Strength: The Power Of United Women

Sometimes it’s hard to wake up in the morning and keep going. To know that you’ve got this, your bad, brilliant self. You don’t need help, but you might have to work harder to prove yourself in a male-dominated environment. That’s why on mornings like those you need to look to inspirational women to get that kick-in-the-butt you need. Enter: The United State Of Women.


The summit is today, streaming live from The White House, and it features talks that you absolutely should not miss, such as education, entrepreneurship, and violence against women. There are so any ways you can get involved, too. From sharing local events near you and being involved in the community to taking this powerful pledge:

  • Be in charge of my own body. Every powerful part.
  • Learn whatever I want like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Stand by my game-changing ideas.
  • Use my voice to stand up for my community.
  • Get paid the same as everyone else doing the same job.
  • Call out sexism when I see it.
  • Not be a silent bystander.

Powerful stuff, girls. If you need a reminder that together we’re stronger – check the website out today and make your pledge!

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  1. Such an inspiring and empowering post

  2. I love women inspiring each other =o) So excited to see us succeed into the future!

  3. absolutely what i need in my life.
    Currently struggling with a lack of peers (ie I am 1 of 3 females within the leadership team of 42 in my company. And there are about 5 of us that are below 40.) So I’m feeling pretty lonely and needed that reminder that even if I can’t find support within my company then I need to look further afield…

  4. Great movement! Though we are the stronger sex we need to take what is owed, no one is going to give it to us!

  5. This event sparked so much positive conversation around women’s rights issues — everything from wage inequality to self-worth was discussed. Thanks for highlighting this important moment in history. We also took the liberty to curate some of these women’s outstanding voices:

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