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Style Insights from Asia

Wendy Nguyen

Earlier today, we read about a few popular beauty tips from China, Korea, and India. To finish those thoughts, let’s look at the side of fashion and style! Check out the following tips and photos to add some amazing Asian influence into your wardrobe.

Lizzie, from China says, “There are diverse styles that you could see on the streets. But from my experience, a lot of girls now prefer to wear a dark-colored, oversized cashmere or wool coats with a pair of tight jeans. Because this set can match different shoes, bags and other accessories. For example, if you put on a pair of sneakers with a backpack, then you look like a student. But if you want to look chic and sharp, then you put on a pair of high heels and maybe a designer’s clutch or shoulder bag. I think it might be the similar fashion style for the girls all over the world.”

Some of Lizzie’s favorite fashion follows on Instagram: Ysubini, Aimee Song, Sama Z, and Ann Li


Image sources- clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4

While talking with my friend Prakriti about skincare and beauty routines, she had some great comments on Indian fashion (At the moment, she’s in the international film business program in London, but she’s also a stylist!). A few clothing and accessory items she says are most loved include: Kolhapuri slippers, Jodhpuri pants, Indian scarves, koti (jacket-like articles usually worn over kurtis skirts or tops), patch-work skirts (also known as Rajasthani skirts), silver jewelry, heavy neck pieces, anklets (or payal), and the very well-known Punjabi Jutti shoes.

Indian Style

Image sources- clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3, 4

While thinking about fashionistas that I love to follow, I can’t ignore the beautiful and impressive Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Lookbook. She represents Asian elegance in an effortless way and has a most impressive story to tell. Now an established blogger and style icon, she grew up in foster care, with only a bag of belongings, fighting homelessness and working hard to earn money for her education. The inspiration gathered from her many platforms (Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, etc) can’t be grasped and her influence continues to grow. The girl nails her outfits every time and gives great tips on how to wear a scarf, style your hair, and properly walk in heels.

For an added bonus, Wendy states that her own style inspirations include, “…Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, Olivia Palermo, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.”


Images via Wendy’s Lookbook

Feature image via Wendy’s Lookbook

What are some of your favorite looks inspired by other countries and cultures that you love? Let us know below and have a great weekend Career Girls!



  1. Eden says

    Love these style tips, thanks for sharing.

  2. DT says

    Punjabi juttis are my favorite!

  3. Van Ritchie says

    At the moment I’m loving that in Oz we get to channel whatever look takes out fancy. For example chick, skater, surf, cultural costumes or even high end. I’m so in love with your cultural inspired posts.

  4. birgit says

    great style-tipps and very nice pics…


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