7 Stylish Laptop Bags That Will Help You Get Things Done



We’ve all had those moments, where we put off buying the protective gear that our gadgets need the most. But, this comes quickly to an end when we notice a new little scratch on our laptop and decide that investing in a case wouldn’t be so bad after all! Especially when they’re stylish laptop bags that motivate you to get things done! Because I know I’m not the only one who gets inspired by stationery, without it I wouldn’t be as motivated or as ready to conquer any day of the week! So, if your laptop is in need of a new bag then scroll down!


1. Stand out from the crowd:

Skinnydip Holographic Laptop Case $40 available here

Allow your laptop to shine with this holographic laptop case that is easy to carry around with essential padding inside to protect your laptop! Perfect for any young, vibrant go-getter who likes not only to get things done but to stand out from the crowd! Buy yours here.


2. The business professional:

Kate Spade New York Laptop Case $168 available here

It’s safe to say that every business professional needs a laptop bag not only to carry your laptop, but all the important documents to be passed from meeting to meeting. You want to stand out in the office, but for all the right reasons, that’s why you need a simple case that does the talking for you! Buy yours here.


3. Smart but stylish:

Sonix Fancy Heart Faux Leather Laptop Clutch $70 availalbe here

These days our laptop bags aren’t just bland, ugly bags. They’re so much more! They’re just another part of your outfit and this is what I love. A laptop bag like this doesn’t even look like one – it’s discreet, it’s stylish and it also protects your laptop! What more could you want? Buy yours here.


4. Sleek and modern:

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Leather 13-Inch Laptop Case $100 available here

Add a bit of edge to your laptop with this modern style laptop case. Looking more like a clutch bag you would take with you an on a night out means it’s not your usual style case. But it’s sleek and it’s modern and you’ll be the only one in the office who has one! Buy yours here.


5. Fun and furry:

Skinny Dip Faux Fur Smiley 13-Inch Laptop Case $40 available here

Whether you need a laptop case for the office or for uni this one is definitely fun and definitely in style! This case certainly suits the impressive, fun individual who is cool and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Buy yours here.


6. Fit for a diva:

Skinny Dip Luxe 13-Inch Laptop Case $40 available here

Any diva that is looking to make an impression wherever she goes will need this laptop case in her life. It’s live and vibrant and definitely a stylish one that looks more than just your average laptop case! So if you want a case that’s full of glam, buy yours here.


7. The multi-purpose:

Kate Spade New York Saffiano Leather Laptop Bag $298 available here

This isn’t just a laptop case, it’s the bag you can’t leave the house without. It’s not only for storing your tech, it’s the stylish bag that holds your life and gets you from A to B. It really will be the envy of the office as it’s not only sleek and stylish but perfectly professional and smart. Buy yours here.


Which style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below



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