Success School: The 6 Steps To Success In Life


Can you train yourself to be successful? Is it like a workout, training muscles until holding that plank becomes second nature? Well, if you think about the world’s most successful people from boxing stars to businesswomen, they just seem to be the kind of people that you think of course. Of course, they made something of themselves. If you’ve ever heard interviews with teachers of successful people, they always say cliches like, “She was destined to be successful,” and “She followed her own path”.

Success isn’t predetermined by your personality though, or by how you performed at school, instead, it’s about what you’re willing to do for yourself. Here are six steps to success in life that you shouldn’t ignore this year.

Edit your mindset

A success mindset is a mindset that says anything is possible. You need to show up like you deserve to be there everywhere you go and know that if you work for something it will happen. You need to treat yourself like you deserve to be treated, too. Eat healthily, move your body, and invest in yourself constantly. This is the only way that you will make those big goals happen.

They aren’t just dreams, they’re a reality you’re working on. So show up, think positive, and do your best every day.

Surround yourself with go-getters

If you’re trying to train yourself to be successful, you need to take a look at the people around you, too. If you’re trying to break out of a small-town mindset and do something crazy, it’s not going to help you if everyone around you doesn’t believe in you and are afraid that you’re going to fail. Instead, you need to network with go-getters who’ve done incredible things and failed spectacularly. Talk to the woman who’s launching a quirky dating app, meet with the guy who wanted to radicalize coffee with a weird ingredient that never took off.

These are the people who have enough passion and self-belief to actually get their feet off the ground and do something, even though others would have told them not to bother. These are the kind of self-starters you need to connect with, even by dropping them an email – they’ll inspire you to push yourself in your own journey.

Never get comfortable

It’s so easy to stay in a job that doesn’t fulfill you, to get so comfortable with your routine that you never push yourself, and to enjoy the same holiday year in year out. Comfort will kill you. Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you live. See the world outside your window. Try something scary for the adrenaline rush. Hone a new skill and sell it to others. Take on new responsibilities at work.

There’s a reason why most billionaires find something else to do when their jobs get too comfortable, there’s always a new company to start, a new adventure to be had!

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Build mental strength

In order to train yourself to be successful, you need to be mentally strong. This means, you need to be able to deal with stress and pressure, you need to take negative feedback on the chin and you need to stay calm in times of conflict. Things will happen, whether they’re in your personal life or across the desk of an office, and how you handle yourself when times get tough will help see you through.

Successful people tend to have a lot of responsibilities, but they also need to have their house in order. They need to be mentally strong enough to handle crises at home, to create a work/life balance and to make time for the people around them when it matters.

Reflect on yourself 

The only way you’re going to grow is if you reflect on yourself. When you start to taste success, your ego might start to inflate a little bit. It’s a fact, the higher you get the more you lose touch with the bottom. That’s fine, but what you really need to do is get a reality check and reflect on yourself as often as possible.

You want to be successful across the board, successful in your friendships, successful at home, and just be an all-round nice person who can connect with others, and to do that you need to reflect on yourself. 

Stay curious

If you really want to train yourself to be successful, you need to be curious about the world around you. If you’re constantly learning, you’re constantly growing. Curiosity will help you become successful because you’ll always be looking for easy ways to do something, or wondering how things work.

Keep that child-like curiosity with you. It’ll help you see things with a fresh pair of eyes and tackle problems in a unique way!


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