SUCCESSFUL Career Girl: 21-Year Female Pilot Proves Women Can Excel In Every Industry


We love to read and hear motivational stories from Career Girl’s all over the world. Today we stumbled upon the 21-year old Vanessa who followed her dream and became a private pilot. She was at the top of her (male-dominated) class and had to deal with classmates who doubted her competence because she is a girl.

Her grandma and father are obviously her biggest supporters. With just 6.6% (!) female pilots in the world, Vanessa proved that Career Girls can excel in whatever industry we would like to work in. She never shied away from a challenge and always kept focussing on her goals.

She hopes to be a commercial Pilot for Air Canada one day, and by the comment they left under the YouTube video, we know this definitely will happen.

Enjoy, be inspired and motivated by this Power Career Girl!

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