How Successful People Deal With A Bad Boss


Successful people get to where they are by learning how to deal with difficult people. They know how to work with people they might not like, and they know the importance of listening to other opinions, even if they don’t agree with them. When you’re dealing with a ‘bad’ boss, it can be tempting to vent and let it bring you down. Stop. This is how you think like a successful person, remember your integrity and manage your work relationships properly. Got a problem with a co-worker or boss? Here’s how you can fix it!




1. Expect it

I’ve had to deal with a lot of bad bosses in my time, and I bet you have too. And of course, nobody wants conflict in the workplace, especially not with their manager. So a lot of people end up just avoiding their boss altogether, and I’ve been there. But getting older has taught me not to run away, but rather, expect it.

The one way I dealt with it was by anticipating their every request. I make it my business to know what they want and how they want it, so I never pop up on their radar and just get the job done. By doing this, you won’t be giving them an opportunity to micromanage because you’ll be prepared first.


2. Don’t let your work get affected

It goes without saying that bad bosses get you down. I’ve been there, especially when I worked as a manager. My boss followed me around and made me feel incompetent, even when I was trying my best to impress them. It wasn’t good enough and it left me feeling unconfident and demotivated. I let their bad attitude affect my work and my mood. But, if there’s one thing I learned, it’s not to let, even my boss get in the way of my work.

You were given the job for a reason, you are more than capable enough to do it, so why are you letting that one person change that for you?

3. It’s not personal

With management, we can easily fall into the trap of thinking that they automatically know better than us. But that’s not always true. They are employed to do a job just like you are, but when you start to separate the title ‘manager’ from ‘all-knowing’ work life will begin to get a lot easier. By doing this, you’ll be restoring your confidence and begin to not take things so personally, because it’s not personal, it’s business. And it begins by adapting your mindset to that. Trust in yourself and why you’re there.

4. Think like a boss

A lot of people just put their managers down as assholes, without wanting to know the reasons behind their style. Put yourself in their shoes. Because, when you begin to understand why they do what they do, you’ll be putting yourself in the best position to deal with it. You’ll be on top of their expectations because you’re starting to perceive the work place like they do. Not only that but your language and the way you communicate with them will change for the better, and so will be the way the treat and react to you. You’ll literally be beating the boss just because you’ve tapped into their way of thinking!

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  1. I think an important thing to remember is also that people have different “social styles”. There’s a colleague at work that doesn’t like me and treats me like trash. Whilst I try anticipate areas where there could be a conflict I still manage to rub her up the wrong way because she responds to things so differently to how I can even imagine!

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