How Successful Women Deal With Stress At Work

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As we become more successful, our stress levels can sometimes inflate alongside our progress. With more responsibility, comes more pressure. Therefore, how we handle stress at work can play a huge part in our happiness and success. Remember some stress can be a strong motivator. Too much, however, can steer us away from our goals entirely and nobody’s got time for that.

1. They focus on progress, not perfection

Focusing on the small details and not looking at the bigger picture can stunt progress, waste time and cause unnecessary stress. So, a successful woman will focus her energy on moving forward in a healthy way by only concentrating her mind on positive outcomes.

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2. They prioritize self-care

You are your most important asset and without proper self-care, your work will inevitably suffer. A successful woman doesn’t rate late nights and overworking- she’ll know when to take a break! However, they will appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the influence it can have on their business. Therefore, they will have systems in place that they can turn to should they find themselves feeling overwhelmed with stress.

3. They are grateful

The successful woman regularly practices gratitude. Whether during meditation or via a gratitude journal, they will appreciate the importance of recognizing their blessings and the positive affect practicing gratitude can have on mental health. As gratitude literally lessens anxiety by reducing the stress hormone cortisol by twenty-three percent – fact.

4. They harness a positive mindset

ninety percent of top performers know how to manage their emotions in stressful moments. Being cool, calm and collected is essential in achieving success at work.

Likewise, the successful woman understands that nothing positive can come from a negative mindset. Therefore, they practice being mindful of their thoughts, taking the time to accept negative thoughts but only feeding positive affirmations.

5. They understand the power of habit and routine

The most successful women are mindful of their existing habits and are in tune with themselves. Therefore they will appreciate the power of a positive routine and implement a personalized system that they know allows them to function in the healthiest, happiest and most productive way.

6. They welcome change

Fear can paralyze us, and that can grind all progress to a stop. However, the successful woman knows how to control their fear in a healthy way. They will nurture a mindset that expects and welcomes change and considers the unexpected an opportunity. Allowing them to separate their thoughts from the facts and address negative thinking and anxiety with a level head.

Hopefully, these points will help you to become much more successful by handling your stress more. Enabling you to get on with whatever you’re doing, and impressing all your bosses. Because ultimately, all successful women know that their health is key.


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