What These Successful Women Say About Supporting Each Other


Think about that one woman in your life that you would be nothing without. Your mentor. Whether it’s your mother, your friend, or someone at work, think about how brilliant it feels to have another woman supporting you and backing you up. Now times it by 1,000.

What could we achieve if we spent more time building each other up? What could we believe if success for one woman counted as a success for us all? Forget the FOMO of social media, celebrate each other! This is what Sheryl Sandberg’s new campaign #LeanInTogether hopes to achieve.


This movement aims to inspire people to motivate their peers, to become role models in the workplace and to share the success, not compete for it. CGD believes that unequivocally! Because it feels so much better when you have a cheerleader supporting you than it does having someone trying to tear you down, and because women have a hard enough time as it is in the workplace, so now we should spend some time being a force to be reckoned with!

Who is your female role model? Tell us about her!

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  1. Helping a sister is so important, proud to be a feminist and proud to be a girl’s girl.



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