How PixiWoo Started A Successful YouTube Channel



Have you always wanted to be the next big vlogger? 2017 is the year of video content, and with more people than ever before turning to video, it can seem like it’s harder than ever to break into the market.

These days, a convention with YouTubers present will usually sell out and ordinary people can become super successful simply by picking up a camera. We met up with two of the most successful and recognized YouTubers in the business, Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo, to ask them about YouTube and why it’s the key to success in 2017.


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Why did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

Nic: We started eight years ago before YouTube was a big thing. It was actually sam who started, because we’re makeup artists and someone asked her to do a smoky eye, and she said ‘Look, I can’t write it down for you because you won’t follow it.” I’ll film it, and the only place you could host it then was YouTube, but there was no one on there.

Sam: It wasn’t a planned business move, it was just an accidental thing. We never could’ve predicted that it’d grow into what it’s grown into.

Why do you think YouTube has so many success stories?

Nic: Because people can see then and there what is happening. There’s a very quick turnover, then don’t have to wait a week to find out what’s new and what’s good, and they can actually see how it works.

Sam: Also, there’s something very personal about it, you know. Because a lot of the time people aren’t tuning in to necessarily find out how to recreate a look, they’re tuning in because they want to listen to your personality and what you’re up to. So it’s like having a friend in the room with you.

What will be the biggest beauty trends on social media next year?

Sam: Social media will always be heavy makeup suitable for selfies. For spring/summer it’s going to be glossy, dewy skin, pops of color, some neon potentially. Winter is going to be berries, mattes, velvets. We’re seeing a lot of glitter lips for Christmas.

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