9 Perfect Summer Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

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Summer is my time to really catch up on my reading! Sometimes work and life takes over and my passion for reading is usually left on the shelf. But with a holiday booked all I need is a sunlounger, a pina colada, and my favorite read. It’s my time to catch up on months of amazing titles that I’ve missed and with a list like this, I wish my holiday started sooner. So sit back, grab yourself a drink and lose yourself with these great reads!

1. The Ultimate Blog Plan

The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.

If you’re anything like me then you know the hard work doesn’t stop, even when you are on holiday. But what I like to do to make it fun is to work on myself for myself. It’s not only about relaxing but spending the time building my skills and broadening my horizons, where I would usually be too busy. So why don’t you do that this summer? Sneak the Blog Plan into your suitcase and expand your skills on the beach. Who knows you might come back a different girl! Buy it here.

2. Big Little Lies – Liane Moriarty

Big Little Lies available here

This book is a page turner, I was hooked from day one, so much that in fact, I couldn’t put it down. It dives into the lives of three women, all friends, each at a crossroads. But there’s been a murder. Who did it? And what big little lies will one person tell to survive? Some could even be lethal. Buy it here.

3. Crash and Burn – Lisa Gardner

Crash & Burn available here

Lisa Gardner grips you with plot and tension right from the beginning. And if you’re after a thrill her books will certainly leave you hooked! Nicole barely survives a horrific car accident but pushes on to find Vero, a little girl, who’s missing. But when the police arrive there’s no trace and her husband denies there’s a little girl, saying his wife is delusional. But Nicole won’t let it go. Is it a delusion? Or does she know more than we think? This book will truly keep you guessing to the very last page. Buy it here.

4. Lion – Saroo Brierley

Lion available here.

First, it was a media sensation and now it’s a bestseller. It follows the true story of Saroo, who got lost on a train in India and separated from his family for a lifetime. He knew nothing of who he was or where he came from. And then he was adopted by an Australian family. Years later he began to start the journey of discovering who he really was. Celebrating the importance of never letting go, it’s a read that will grip you! Buy it here.

5. Before I Go To Sleep – S.J. Watson

Before I Go To Sleep available here

If you haven’t read this then you must, must, must! Jump in with this psychological thriller with a twist you really won’t see coming! Following an amnesiac who wakes up every day not remembering the day before. But she begins to keep a diary to try and find out who she was and a life she once had, but who can she really trust? Buy it here.

6. I See You – Clare Mackintosh

I See You available here

If you’re after a little thriller on the beach then this is the one for you! Commuting is second nature to all of us, and that’s no different for Zoe, our main character. Having a stranger taking secret pictures of you though? Maybe not second nature. When Zoe sees a picture of herself in the paper, we quickly learn that this can lead to deadly consequences. Be prepared to look at people on your commute differently! Buy it here.

7. Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur

Milk & Honey available here

This is seriously one of my favorite reads. Rupi has brought poetry back to the world and she has done it so effectively. With illustrations and words so beautiful she tells her story in three parts. Addressing some of her deepest pains and her recovery. It’s a book that will help you find yourself for sure! Buy it here.

8. The Summer House – Jenny Hale

The Summer House available here

I think it’s everyone’s dream to move to the beach with their bestie! This is a reality for Callie and Olivia, who happen to also find love in the summer. But it’s not boys that put their relationship to the test but a mysterious diary that threatens their friendship. Buy it here.

9. One Day – Dave Nicholls

One Day available here

I’m a sucker for a romance on holiday and I’m not just referring to my romances, but the ones I read. Nicholls is such a talented writer that he crafts his books very carefully, and One Day will leave you on the edge of your seat for very different reasons. Watch as two friends who meet in university never quite get to fall in love, but stay close over the years. But, is it finally their time? Buy it here.



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  • Tracie

    Thanks for the recommendations! i just finished This One is Mine by Maria Semple (such a fun read) in two days. Now I’m on the lookout for my next read, so I’ll definitely check these out!

    • Libby

      I think you’ll be getting through the ones on this list pretty quickly too!

  • Miranda | Miranda’s Notebook

    Oh I really want to read Milk & Honey! Such a great list xxx

    • Libby

      I got through Milk & Honey in about an hour, it was so good! It got me back into poetry again and the way she writes is so beautiful and it’s easy to understand!

  • dreamofadventures

    One day is such a great book!


    • Libby

      Such a great book! Have you read another one of his called ‘us’?

  • Ramona

    Watched the film Before I Go To Sleep, it’s so good! Deffo a physcological thriller.


    • Libby

      Literally my favorite! I didn’t even watch the film, then read the book. The book is obviously better! But I was screaming when I found out! (Won’t spoil it for anyone else mind, but it was so so good!)

  • Molly Alee

    Ooo what a great list!! I’ve been looking for some new books to read over the summer so this super helpful! Milk & Honey is first on my list. xx


  • Laura Dennis

    Great list. Saved almost all of them to my Amazon wishlist.

  • Jenny Louise Marie

    What an awesome list. I’m saving several to add to my list. Have you heard of Behind Closed Doors? It’s another psychological thriller. I couldn’t put it down. You should check that one out. :)

  • Natalie Redman

    Think I’m gonna have to get that blog planner book soon!


  • Mother Daughter

    I love a good read, thank you for this list.