5 Fast Lunches You Can Meal Prep On A Sunday

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Meal prepping may seem like a lot of effort when all you want to do is relax on a Sunday. But it will honestly make your whole week a lot easier! You will have tasty meals ready to quickly take out of the fridge every morning and run out of the door.

By the time lunch comes around, you will be grateful that you made the effort to meal prep instead of going to a fast-food restaurant and spending money on unhealthy food! Take a look at these easy recipes to meal prep on a Sunday.

1. Vegan BLT Salad 

Photo: The First Mess

Vegans are taking over the world, this healthy salad is filling and delicious. All you have to do is mix together your favorite salad ingredients, whip up some tahini sauce and fry coconut bacon. This is the kind of salad all your coworkers will be asking about. Find the full recipe here.

2. Tomato and avocado flatbread 

Photo: Two Peas & Their Pod

Imagine preparing this delicious flatbread and taking it to work. I’m pretty sure everyone will think you’re a culinary goddess but it actually doesn’t take that much work. This recipe recommends buying the naan bread from the store and simply assembling the ingredients. Love it. Find the recipe here.

3. One pot pasta

Photo The Year In Food

Sometimes, you just want comfort food. A big pot of pasta hits the spot as autumn approaches. This recipe is super easy, you just bung the pasta and all the extras in the pot together and let them cook. You can have it for dinner and then divide the rest up into Tupperware for the week. Creamy, zingy and delicious. Find the recipe here.

4. Old school tomato soup

Photo: From The Kitchen

My favorite lunch is a good old bowl of tomato soup, this one is actually easy to prepare. You fry onion and garlic in a pan, add the tomatoes and other bits and then simply blitz in a food processor. The toasties on the side are so simple if you have a toastie maker, but you would be better off taking the soup in a flask to work and enjoying it with a nice bread roll. Find the recipe here.

5. 15-minute beef and broccoli bowl

Photo: Damn Delicious

This beef and broccoli dish is perfect if you’re craving some Asian inspired food. The hilarious Damn Delicious recipe was invented to be super fast and easy on your budget, so it takes only 15 minutes to prepare and will last you a whole week. Find the recipe here.



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