10 Sunday Rituals That Will Make The Week Ahead So Much Easier


We’re always looking for ways to make the weeks ahead much easier, and in all secrecy, it’s all down for how you prepare for them. Taking the time for you to complete these Sunday rituals will really help declutter your mind and relax before manic Monday begins! So, rather than spending your Sunday nights stressed and preparing for work tomorrow last-minute try out these rituals instead and see how better your week will be for it!

1. Empty your handbag

Looking into my handbag is like looking into Mary Poppin’s bag! Full of unnecessary clutter, I can never find what anything quickly and my partner stays well clear of it! It wasn’t until recently that I was shooting for a “what’s in my bag” feature that I realized I can’t actually show them what’s in my bag! It needed some serious decluttering and now it’s just become a habit that I do weekly. So, clear out everything from your bag that you don’t need in there. Keep it clean, keep it essential.

2. Detox your desktop

If your job is anything like my job you will have a thousand things on your desktop! I can never find what I need quickly, which makes for some really awkward moments when your boss is standing over your shoulder! But how can you be expected to think, let alone work when your desktop is cluttered. So, free up some space and memory by making your desktop the organized space it should be!

3. Change your sheets

Cleaning your sheets once a week is a sanitary thing to do anyway and as you’re probably washing your clothes last-minute for work tomorrow you might as well bundle your sheets in too! And there’s no better way to start your week than with fresh sheets that will ensure your weeknights are comfortable!

4. Do a flash workout

What’s a flash workout you ask? Well, a flash workout will consist of a high-intensity exercise that will burn off twice the calories in a seven-minute period. So, if you feel like you have no time for a workout, or simply can’t be bothered for one then this flash exercise will be perfect for you! Taking up no time at all, it will enable you to fit in a workout that’s worthwhile!

5. Try a new recipe

Tired of your usual recipes, I understand the feeling you get when you want to try something different and exciting! And if you love to cook then this is perfect! On Sunday nights when you have a little free time it’s the best opportunity to try out a new recipe that you may have been dying to cook, whether it’s just for you or a friend. For some cool ideas on what you can cook, check them out here.

6. Plan your perfect week

Every Sunday you should really make a habit of planning for the week ahead, and I really cannot stress it enough! When I don’t plan out my week, I usually find that it passes me by and that it’s never as successful as when I do plan. So, who doesn’t want a more productive week? And the perfect tool for planning ahead is the one and only Getting Things Done Planner, which will help you keep track of your meals, water intake and daily goals! Planning for the perfect week has never been so easy. Buy it here.

7. Give yourself a facial

Glam Glow #GLITTERMASK Firming Treatment $69 available here

Who doesn’t love pampering themselves? I know I do! Chilling out with Netflix, a glass of wine and a face mask is the best way to start any week. And what’s better than a glitter mask? Nothing at all! On top of this being one of the most fun masks on the market, it has serious skincare benefits that will help keep it firm and toned! Buy it here.

8. Run a relaxing bath

Herbivore Calm Soaking Salts $18 available here

Now that you’ve decided to pamper yourself, there’s no better place to start than with a good old soak! But to make it relaxing have you tried adding Herbivore’s bath crystals? I can’t have a bath without adding them! It even includes the herb ylang-ylang, which is super effective in fighting off anxiety and stress! Buy it here.

9. Start a new series

The perfect way to end any Sunday night is a new series on Netflix to start binge-watching! And now that the third season of How To Get Away With Murder has landed on Netflix, I know that my Sunday nights are about to get a lot more exciting!

10. Prep your meals

Think about the meals you want to prepare yourself for the week – if you’re trying to live healthier planning out your meals is essential for attaining that goal. Leaving your planning about dinner to last-minute will usually result in eating out, or an unhealthy meal! Well no more! You’re a girl who plans what she eats, and you’re a girl who sticks to it!


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  1. This was so helpful for ideas to do on Sunday, always need to plan my week better, thank you! xx maddisonjayne.blog/

  2. Sunday rituals are so important! Love prepping my meals but should really start doing more cleaning every Sunday :P


  3. Such great tips for Sunday rituals! I’ve definitely noticed since I started getting some planning and prep in on a Sunday that my week is so much better! Thanks so much for the tips and inspiration!

    Allegra xx

    Allegra Ghiloni Fashion Stylist

  4. I have daily rituals – it’s so important to make a habit of something!

    x Mariya

  5. Hi Allegra! That’s exactly it – the weeks that I don’t plan for don’t go as well and are definitely not as organized! So, I completely agree with you! Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Annie, I’m completely the opposite! I love to spend my Sundays cleaning and getting the house perfect, but planning and preparing my meals for the week is something I’m always working on! But, I’ve promised to be better!

  7. Glad you liked them! Setting the tone on Sunday will really help you tackle the week better, trust me! And good luck!

  8. I really loved all your tips! Thank you for sharing. Especially the #1 Empty your handbag.


  9. Hi Nicci, thank you! I know how you feel, our handbags can get a little crazy from time to mine! But I truly believe you will feel much more at ease and organized once everything around you is!

  10. Hi Mariya, what are you daily rituals? I definitely agree with you and habits aren’t hard to create!

  11. Hi Allegra, tell me about it! I find the weeks I plan for go so much better than the weeks that I don’t!

  12. Hi Annie, I’m completely the opposite, I can clean easily but prepping my meals is something I really need to make more of a habit!

  13. Hi Maddison, that’s great! I know it makes my Sundays feel a lot better and come to mention it, my week too!

  14. There are little things like having the same breakfast, going to the gym, always putting some sort of a mask in the evening!! If I forget I kick myself in the butt!!! haha x

  15. Love these tips, will definitely be giving these a go this upcoming Sunday! Meal prep is definitely something I need to improve on!!


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