5 Super Easy Ways To Invest In Yourself Right Now


Are you ready to invest in yourself right now? There’s a common misconception that investing in yourself requires a lot of money, spare time, and a pack of solid gold face masks (maybe that last one is just me?). Investing in yourself sounds like something you do when you’re living the life of luxury already, having hustled your head off in your younger years, but it absolutely isn’t. Investing in yourself is simply choosing to honor yourself, to give yourself the time and attention you deserve, and furthering yourself so that the next few weeks, months, and years run smoothly.

You should always be looking to invest in yourself, no matter what’s been happening in your life or how you’re feeling. If you need a quick check-in on how you’re doing, here are ten easy ways to invest in yourself right now:

1. Set yourself some sick goals

Without goals, you’ll find yourself stuck in a repetitive loop. You need to set yourself some goals to allow yourself to grow. This is the first investment you should make in yourself. You can use the Goals 2019 Diary not only to set yourself goals for the month (and week) but to track them, with your hourly daily plan and monthly overview, you’ll be in a prime position to look to the future and make it happen.

2. Build that c-word

The one thing that’s going to get you through life and help you achieve all your goals is confidence. Confidence in yourself and your abilities, trusting your gut will help you make better decisions, but your confidence in those decisions will carry you through. Confidence is knowing that even if you’ve screwed something up, you can own it, apologize and make it right. There are hidden opportunities everywhere, you just need to have the confidence to go out and get them, and realize that absolutely anything is possible, as long as you try it!

3. Make your life extraordinary

Your ordinary daily life is great, but every so often you need to push yourself and give yourself a break. Try new things, be creative, and step outside of your comfort zone. Have a look for things you’ve always wanted to try but have held back from yourself. Have fun trying new things and step outside the ordinary boundaries of your life, you’ll find that it grows your confidence and makes you feel incredible.

4. Feed your brain more

That might sound hard, but it’s actually not. If you can aim to read a book a week (or maybe a bit longer if you have a busy life) you’ll be feeding your brain and will feel amazing. I’ve been reading a book every two days recently, just sitting on the couch and whizzing through books until it’s time to go to bed. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you choose, but you should aim to switch up the genre every two books or so. You can grab chick-lit, self-help books, non-fiction, best-sellers, and just read them. If you can’t get into it, swap it for a different book. But you should try to read about different perspectives because it’ll broaden your horizons and help you think about things differently. You can invest in yourself and learn new things too!

5. Love yourself first

The easiest way to invest in yourself is to love yourself! Your health and fitness is the most important investment you can make in yourself. If you start eating healthier, you’ll feel better. You should, as a minimum, cut down refined sugar and carbohydrates, you don’t have to cut them out completely, but cut them down and see how you feel. Next, you should work out at least thirty minutes a day, from yoga, swimming, a gym class, a run, a long walk, the options to get your body moving are endless. Just these two simple changes will help transform your body for the future.


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