Super simple smokey eyes!

A little bit sultry but not too over the top, smokey eyes are the go-to glam look for any girl on a night out. Some people worry that a smokey look is too beyond their skills, or that it requires a professional technique but it’s actually easier than you could possibly imagine! In order to create a runway worthy smokey eye all you need is a good set of brushes and the colours you’d like to use. Check out our guide to super simple (and sexy!) smokey eyes at home!

smokey eye cover
Photo from Moda Bilgi

#1 Choose your colours
Prepare your smokey eye look by choosing what colour you’re working with. Choose the darkest colour first, and then choose one a few shades lighter. For the inner corner you will need a light colour such as white, cream or pink. Traditional smokey eyes are a variation of grey or black but you can use any dark, rich colour you can imagine.

smokey eyes3
Photo from Ink361

 #2 Apply your colours.
Divide your eyelid into three segments, the first segment is the inner corner of your eye to just after your eyelashes start.
Block in the lightest colour here with a good eye shadow brush, and don’t worry about blending. Apply your second colour in the middle of  your eyelid, which is your second segment, and then follow it up by blocking in the darkest colour in the outer corner of your eye.

smokey eyes2
Photo from Fashion Inbox

#3 Blend
With a good quality brush just drag your colours from lightest to darkest with soft rubbing motions. This will soften the lines between the colours and allow them to blend into each other. Don’t worry if you’ve dropped any colour under your eye or in an unwanted place, a smudge of concealer will clean that right up. Blending is so important, make sure all your colour seamlessly runs and don’t worry if the darkest colour lightens up a bit.

smokey eyes
Photo from Tarte Cosmetics

#4 Define
A liquid eye liner on your eyelid will bring the look together, you can always drag a little of the darkest colour underneath your lower-lashes and add some sparkle or glitter to create a more glamorous look.

What’s your favourite eye shadow look? Let us know in the comments below, and if you have any tips for quick and beautiful eye looks share them, too! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Bloglovin to stay up-to-date with CGD. We’re announcing a new and amazing giveaway very soon!! X

  • Cheryl

    I LOVE smoky eyes!! Even with just a Kohl pencil for everyday wear. I am still hunting for the perfect stay put liners/shadows – my poor oily lids! – How about a perfect for oily lids shadow post CGD? :)

  • Kelly

    I totally love smokey eyes, love to wear it every now and then.

    xo. Kelly //

  • Alisha

    Love smokey eyes!

  • Sarah

    Hi! It was a very interesting article! All your articles are amazing. I found it very helpful. Keep writing!

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