This Super Successful Vlogger Quit Her $50K A Year Job For YouTube



Telling your career story with all the ups and downs on YouTube sounds like a scary thing to do, but that is exactly what famous UK Vlogger Patricia Bright did.

From a 21-year old accountant making ridiculously long hours, earning over 38K (about 50K in dollars) a year, to one of UK’s most successful vloggers. Along the way she got fired, worked from 7am till 2 am, switched jobs multiple times, was scared to tell her colleagues that she was a vlogger on the side, but above all, she gained a lot of skills that she still applies in her life today.

She wasn’t happy in her accountant jobs so had to find out what she really liked doing and went 100% for that. Nowadays, she is one of UK’s most successful vloggers and with her bubbly and positive attitude definitely one of my favorites to watch.

Her story is impressive and inspirational with a lot of tips and experiences we can learn from. The lesson here is that money isn’t everything, and being busy isn’t the be all and end all either. If you’re in University, or in a high-powered job you don’t love, you need to watch this super inspirational video.

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  • Yankified

    I love this. Inspires me to really dig into what I love

    Amy |

  • Camille Beygui

    So inspiring

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