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SUPERFOODS: 5 PROVEN Health Benefits Of Ginger

If you would visit the CGD HQs you probably would find all girls sipping on ginger tea! It is simple, delicious and very healthy for your body. During this Career Girl Challenge, this tea really became our true love and it has become a little morning tradition to make ginger tea and catch up what everything that is happening in this world.

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Stefani Markovic

Ginger is one of the healthiest spices in the world and, has been used a lot in various forms of traditional and alternative medicines.

The good thing with ginger is that you can use it directly in dishes or simply chew on some slices. It is a natural medicine that can help with a lot of health issues.

So what are exactly the health benefits of ginger that everyone is raving about? We give you 5 out of a very long list that hopefully will make you a fan of this Power Spice as well.

#1 – It improves brain function

Which Career Girl doesn’t want that! Study shows that ginger improves the reaction time and working memory. So next time you have a presentation, are studying or have a test to make, ginger is what you need!

#2 – Reduces muscle pain and soreness

How perfect is this! We have been working out a lot during this challenge and experienced a lot of muscle pain and soreness. Ginger has been proven to help reduce these exercise-induced pain. It doesn’t have an immediate impact but is effective during the day-to-day progression of muscle ache.

#3 – Ginger reduces the period pains

Yes! It is a natural paracetamol, which helps against our menstrual pains. Ginger is often used as a pain reliever, but with all those pharmaceutical companies, we tend to forget that nature also gives us a lot of medicines.

A study showed that ginger powder reduces the pain as effectively as ibuprofen and other pain-relieving drugs.

#4 – Helps you to prevent and get rid of a cold

Ginger tea will help you prevent all those nasty colds or get rid of it if you already have one. All you need is some fresh ginger, wash it, slice it, put it in hot water and your ginger tea is ready.

#5 – Good for the immune system

Ginger gives an incredible boost to your immune system. Eating ginger a couple of times a week will prevent stomach infections, bad cough and is proven to have a 75% chance in curring morning sickness and stomach flu!



Tomorrow is a day of rest, which can be perfectly filled with yoga or meditation. I will be doing a chakra meditation in de morning and yoga in the evening. The Chakra Meditiation video below is my absolute favorite and helps me to relax and be calm after a couple days of an intense workout.



Credit: Lifehack – Authority Nutrition – Everyday Health

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  1. Lucija says

    I love making ginger tea with lemon and tiiiny bit of cayenne pepper! It’s even better as iced tea! Cayenne pepper gives a nice subtle kick. :)


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