Surprising Things That Could Be Making You Tense

We all have those days when we’re down, but can’t figure out why. What’s that thing that is niggling you, what’s the reason why you’re so uptight? From aches and pains to changeable moods, we can help you discover why it is you’re feeling the way you do! We’ve done some research into the psychological reasons that you’re feeling tense – they might surprise you!

Throat & Neck Pain

If you’re feeling tight or sore around your neck or throat, it’s due to a lack of expression; if there’s someone in your life that you’re afraid to talk to or admit something to, the tension will appear in these places. Speak up!

Back Pain

Back pain is not just due to sleeping bad or not being supported due to exercise, it also is related to (surprise!) tension! Tension in your back is often related to feeling unsupported, particularly emotionally. Talk to someone and you should feel the tension ease.

Stomach Pain

An unsettled tummy can be down to digestive issues, but it can also be due to stress or anxiety about an upcoming event or things you’re struggling with in life, stomach ache can often be your body’s way of dealing with it! Try to relax, have a bath (our number one remedy for anything) and take deep breaths.

We all have things in life which cause tension with ourselves and with others. Trying to find the source of the tension, such as changing your perception, and trying to focus on what’s positive in your life, can be a real game changer! Find the main focus of your pain, and work from there. Positivity is the key to happiness.

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