How To Survive Your 9-5 In A Capital City

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We all love the idea of living in the big city, whether it be as large as London, New York or Paris. The shops, the food and the endless opportunities awaiting. However, taking a jump like that can be scary and intimidating, so here are some tips to ensure you embrace the exciting adventures awaiting you while dealing with the big city like the Career Girl you are!

Keep an eye on your weekly budget
It can be very easy to get carried away with all the glamorous stores in the city, sale signs everywhere and new collections in every direction but put it into perspective. Is that new bag worth it? Look at the bag in your hand already… keep walking ladies and stay strong! We have more advice on how to get your finances in order, right here!


Pretty and practical shoes
Yes, your recent purchase of the most amazing 6-inch heels are fabulous, but maybe not so much with a day filled with running around the city doing jobs for your boss and commuting, your feet won’t be feeling as fabulous by the time you crawl home. Think light and elegant, just as pretty and your feet will thank you for it. Read our article to find out this season’s hottest shoes that combine comfort and style.

Take advantage of public transport
The beauty of being in the city is you can ditch sitting in queues for rush hour, jump on the bus, taxi/cab or if you’re feeling very energetic that morning, cycle to work! Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the morning, embrace the endless supply of Starbucks and admire what’s going on around you, it will put you in a good mood and you’ll be ready to face the world. Learn to make the most of your morning commute with the help of this article.

Socializing central
Meeting people in the city is endless, by putting yourself out there and going out of your comfort zone you’ll meet people with similar interests and it’s a chance for you to get to know the many cultures and lifestyles in the city. Take advantage of the many restaurants, museums and art galleries near you, who knows you may find your prince charming buying his after work drink in the same bar as you. You don’t have to sacrifice your social life to be successful – to find out more carry on reading this article.

 Written by Niamh Ryan

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  • Meliza

    These tips are so on point! I live/work in New York and I can’t stress enough about the shoe and public transportation tip – comfortable shoes and a metrocard are your best friends!!

    xo, Meliza Joyce |

  • dreamofadventures

    love these tips! i live in chicago and enjoy commuting to work on the L/train because i get a moment to read my favorite articles and not worry about sitting in traffic

  • Amy Sewell

    These are spot-on! Especially the part about the shoes. I live in Manhattan, and we can always spot the tourists or newcomers – they are the ones teetering around on super-high heels (instead of toting them in a bag and wearing something comfy and stylish when on the move)., Instagram @amysewellstyle

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