How To Survive An Office Party This Year


The most wonderful time of the year is approaching and with it the much-awaited office holiday party! You know what they say, a little party never killed anybody, but you also know that this is not like any other social gathering.




It will determine how some of your colleagues will perceive you, your possibilities to turn some of your work buddies into real friends, and might even help you land a promotion! So here’s a list of do’s and don’t that you might want to tick!

1. Be comfortable (and confident)
The office dress code might not hold at the party venue, but you can still make sure you look professional, chic and pretty too. This time of year it’s all about faux fur, velvet, subtle touches of glitter and burgundy lips. Rock your party outfit and your colleagues might even be amazed at how well you scrub up outside of the office!

2. Don’t Talk Business
It’s really hard to avoid talking about work when you’re with the people you work with. Especially if you’re prone to office gossip! No matter if you are partying with your work colleagues, no one wants to talk business while engaging in a Christmas songs competition. It’s really difficult when the only thing you have in common with someone is work, but you’ll never get to know what else you have in common if you don’t try.

3. Log Off Your Social Media Accounts
Party posts on social media can get embarrassing if you’ve had one too many (which we don’t advise!) but party posts at an office party can lead to some awkward questions the

next time you’re at work. Avoid snapping anyone doing anything embarrassing, and if you really must – make sure all your albums and statuses are hidden from anyone who you wouldn’t want to see them.

4. Don’t Go Over The Top With The Booze
We say this every year – but it’s so easy. We all know that the barman won’t serve adults a glass of milk and as much as holidays are the perfect excuse to get to know your colleagues better with a glass of Dry Martini in your hands, make sure to not cross the limits. There will always be some hilarious anecdote about a drunken colleague – just make sure it’s not you!

5. Avoid The Mistletoe
Again, you don’t want to wake up the next morning full of regrets for having let your inhibitions go a little too far. Office parties are a good opportunity for getting to know the colleague on the 4th floor you’ve been eyeing up, but not a good enough reason to dance together under the mistletoe in front of everyone.

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