How To Survive Your Office Party


Christmas time is near and as the festive season approaches so does all the happiness and cheer of company Christmas parties. Love or hate them, you should dare not forsake them.

For some this is a chance to mingle with overly happy, Christmas cheer inspired co-workers, others will enjoy the chance to hob knob with the C-suite executives, and then there is always that one co-worker or two (dare I say) who can’t wait to enjoy the free drinks and lunacy. So which one are you? Here are a few tips to survive the festive waters and keep you out of the Monday morning water fountain gossip.

Yes…you should attend

Although it is probably obvious to everyone that you would rather work a 15-hour shift than attend your company party, it is imperative that you show up. Convince the inner you that you need only stay for at least an hour; say hello to the important people, make sure you are seen, then secretly exit out when most people are on their fifth drink and wouldn’t remember if they danced with you all night, let alone seen you dodge off early.

On a serious note, showing up is only half the battle. You will probably enjoy yourself more than you could imagine and your colleagues will feel as though you made an effort to be a part of the team.

Refrain from work chatter

You have been waiting to speak with the VP of Marketing all year and it seems like a good idea to discuss your big plan over a quick drink at the holiday party. Well remember they are there to have fun too – it is a social event after all. Therefore, relax and have a good time. This will make you memorable even after the party.

Network responsibly, reveal your personality and more importantly show that you are not just an office bore but actually a lot of fun. This person is remembered Monday morning for more than the “most embarrassing moment”.

Drink responsibly or don’t drink at all

While it may seem like a good idea to indulge in free drinks endlessly throughout the night –it is not! Things are bound to go wrong and you will say or do something you will regret Sunday night (after you have awoken from your drunken stupor). Too much alcohol usually throws judgement out the window.

In today’s digital age, the wrong office party behavior can hurt your credibility. No one wants to see themselves in a YouTube video or Facebook post gone rogue. So remember, technically you are still working so remain effortlessly elegant. Pace your drinking, be sure to eat so that you are never drinking on an empty stomach. Drink plenty of water in between drinks or water down your cocktails with sparkling water or juice. Remember your image is worth more than guzzling down free drinks.

Dress appropriately

Whether your Christmas due is a formal event or after-work soiree, wear that which you would not to a girl’s night out clubbing. Showing too much thigh, cleavage, and bum is probably not appropriate. Dress according to the theme or dress code and do not overexpose. Save it for the non-work after party. Check out our list of 10 dresses that will get you through the party season, they range from sexy to work-appropriate. If you need a CGD pick, have a look at this adorable and appropriate little black number from Alice + Olivia.

Don’t fall for office party romance

Tempting! But don’t succumb to flirting while intoxicated. The office party is not really the place to conjure up office romance as it could lead to embarrassment, drunken hook-ups, unwanted sexual advances, rejection and more. If you are really interested in the hunky dude in the next cubicle then ensure he also has the same interest and approach soberly with caution.

All in all, holiday parties are a way for management to show their appreciation for their awesome team. It is a chance to allow everyone to let their hair down and party off some steam. Nevertheless, just like with any company function there are unwritten rules which can be easily followed for an unforgettable night. Therefore, shake it off, pop your collar and delight in a wonderful time.

Featured Photo: @HannahRoxIt

  • Ailyn Koay

    hmmm your party seems different to my parties. My work parties are more like make sure you get your money’s worth in drinks and food, since your cheap ass boss is paying for it.

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      Hahahahaa, same!

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    I always love your posts


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      Thank you.

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