How To Survive The Worst Date Ever

First dates are typically horribly awkward, whether it’s a guy from the bar, someone a friend thinks you’ll hit it off with, or the infamous Tinder date. We like to think that career girls have it together, but most of us have likely experienced a bad date where we sit through dinner or a movie planning out the story we’ll immediately go to our friends with when it’s over.

The dating game is bound to put anyone in this situation, and although the whole time you  might be thinking ‘there’s no chance of a second date’, there are a few ways to get through these situations a little less painfully.

Have a drink

I’m not saying drink a whole bottle of wine and tell the guy your life story, but a drink will likely help you loosen up a bit and ease the over thinking.

Ask questions

There’s nothing worse than silence on a first date. If you’re stuck with a shy date ask him questions; “Have you done any travelling?”, “What kind of music do you listen to?” Don’t interrogate the guy, but getting him talking will lessen the heightened level of awkwardness and give you the opportunity to open up a solid conversation.

Drop hints

If the date is coming to a close and the guy wants to keep the evening going, casually hint at an early morning the next day or a paper that you need to finish, subtly signalling that it’s your time to head out.

Crack jokes

If a date is going awfully make light of the situation and crack a couple jokes, whether it’s about where the two of you met or the mutual friend who set you up. Even if you end up being the only one laughing (something I know from personal experience), at least you’ll show him that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and hopefully he’ll follow suit.

Bad dates are always going to be inevitable, but if you can manage to make them a little less painful you’ll at least walk away with a good story. And if there’s absolutely no hope for improvement you can always opt for the classic phone a friend lifeline.

By Kelli Klassen

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  • Ailyn Koay

    i think most important thing is be nice anyway

  • Emma Haworth

    Love this post! Check out my dating blogs here!

  • Monika

    I’ve never been on a date. I am such an awkward person so a really bad date is something that I would probably experience in the future. I’ll keep these things in mind

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