Tag: Fashion

10 Blanket Scarves To Wear Now

Who doesn’t like to wrap themselves up in cozy knitwear during this time of the year.

Turn Heads With This Office Outfit Of The Day

Who says office outfits have to be boring? Get ready to be the most stylish girl at the office! This lady has some great taste in – well – everything! From fashion…

Ten 90s Fashion Trends We’re All Ashamed Of

  In the decade after the colour explosion of the 80s and before the chic ‘posh spice’ vibes of the early ‘00s, the 90s had a bit of a fashion identity crisis.…

This DIY Graduation Dress Empowers Girls All Over The World

Erinne Paisley from British Columbia, didn’t graduate in a traditionally gorgeous dress like her course mates. Instead, she decided to make her dress out of homework, with a very important message attached…

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