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Get Running: 4 Week Beginners Guide

The E word has made a pretty regular appearance on CGD lately – exercise. Exercise has an abundance of benefits that you can tap into for nothing and with the London Marathon…

Step into spring with CGD's guide to fake tan

Step into spring with CGD’s guide to fake tan

Fake tan is the unspoken mistress of Instagram bikini photos and the only beauty secret of high flying girls on a night out, but it doesn’t exactly have a great reputation.

Super simple smokey eyes!

Super simple smokey eyes!

A little bit sultry but not too over the top, smokey eyes are the go-to glam look for any girl on a night out. Some people worry that a smokey look is too beyond…

How to survive Valentine’s day if you’re single

Valentine’s day is on a Saturday this year, which is bad news if you’re trying to avoid it. Wherever you decide to go there’ll ultimately be some kind of reminder that you…

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