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SLC girls shoot

Career Girls on the Go

Hello CGD readers! Starting today, we’re introducing a new street-style feature called “Career Girls on the Go.” I’ll be going out into the city, meeting everyday women, and quickly chatting with them about their work lives, personal daily routines, and fashion choices. Today I met a handful of happy and radiant women on their way to lunch, work, or the gym. Here are a few highlights from the sunny afternoon… Andrea and Karen are co-workers at an interior architecture company. Among many brands, they love to shop at Mango and Zara. Both were doing a trendy job staying warm today in dark/jewel tones, boots, and big scarves.   I ran into these colorful ladies, Cookie and Hollie, as they were out getting some fresh air while working for the UK-based charity Comic Relief. Two of the best smiles I saw all day!   This gorgeous girl was more than happy to let me snap a shot of her chic dress and slouchy knee-high boots while on her lunch break. Her all-time favorite brand? She says, “Everything by Chloe.” Check back …

Office Looks from Lookbook Cover

Eight office looks to banish your business blues

It can be tricky to know how to find the balance between chic and comfortable work wear. Dressing yourself in something both professional and fashionable is near impossible when your alarm has woken you up at the break of dawn and you have a list as long as your arm of things you still need to do, never mind ensuring you don’t skip breakfast. But thankfully there are girls out there who have done the hard work for us. I’ve scoured the depths of Lookbook to find my favourite fashionable females demonstrating how to do it right. Feast your eyes on these brilliant ladies and their effortlessly chic office style. 1. Queen Horsfall, 2. Laura P, 3. Helena Cueva, 4. Hannah A, 5. Maria Cristina, 6. Virginia Kar, 7. Ruxandra Ioana, 8. Erica Lavelanet,


Instagram fashion tips of the week

Need some new wardrobe inspiration this week?  We can’t live without Instagram! It’s perfect for finding  daily new outfit inspiration. Don’t we all love wasting our time, scrolling through accounts of fashionista’s, admiring their way of putting the perfect outfit together. Each day, new fashion lovers are signing up on Instagram, sharing their amazing outfits, Check out these top streetstyle outfits from the hottest fashionistas on Instagram this week! 1. Yana Fisti, 2. Fashionista Johanna Olsson, 3. Negin Mirsalehi, 4. Fakerstrom, 5. Chiara Ferragni , 6. Winonah de Jong, 7. Annabelle Fleur, m4s0n501