Take A Break: 7 Signs That You Might Be Overworked

Work, study and extracurricular activities are just a few things we career girls need to fit into our daily schedules. Being superbusy is not a bad thing, but the moment you barely schedule time in for yourself and therefor become overworked is the moment when being really busy becomes a problem.

Taking a break is really important, not only during work hours but also during the week. Just have 1 or at least half a day a week where you do nothing work or study related, your weekly Sabbatical. This is your time and you can do whatever you want with it. Relax, have drinks with friends, schedule in me-time and enjoy your moments. Sounds good doesn’t it?

CGD gives you the 7 signs of being overworked!

#1 – No motivation

You don’t feel like doing anything. You have a passive feeling and all the motivation you once had, is completely gone. These are signs that you need to take some serious time off. When you feel good, you work hard, so not taking a break when your motivation is gone and you don’t feel good, will only affect your work.

#2 – Tiredness

You are so tired all the time that you wish your office or University had a sleeping room, where you can come in your break to take a nap (Oh how many times I have wished for that!). You go to bed tired, go to work tired and feel exhausted most parts of your day. These are serious signs that you need some relaxing alone time.

#3 – Lost focus

You are watching the latest episodes of Scandal or find Whatsapping with your friends way more important, while your to-do list is endless. You completely lost focus and your concentration at work is gone. In order to get your focus back it is important to take time off and relax for a while. This way you will get your focus back in no-time.

#4 – No ambition

All your life goals are gone, your bucket-list is empty and your vision board has not been updated since the time you actually had ambition. Sounds familiar? You are in need of a weekend-break and some fun.

#5 – Little mistakes

You are making mistakes for beginners and mistakes that you never used to make. Recognize this? In order to avoid making these mistakes it is important for you to take serious time off and just focus on you.

#6 -Overwhelming feeling

We have all been there, you take 1 look at your to-do list and you just want to cry. You don’t know where to begin and everything feels just too much. When you experience this feeling

#7 – Easily irritated 

You get annoyed with things that never used to annoy you. Just 1 little thing could happen or a person looks at you in the wrong way, and you are irritated. Sounds familiar? Take a proper break from your professional (and/or personal) life, book a holiday and enjoy your me-time!

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Credit: Lifehack.org