How To Take Charge Of Your Life

Career Girl must read? #pauladem
Career Girl must read? #pauladem

There can be many times in life when you feel the need to take charge and control. Personally after recently finishing university, I have never felt the need to stand up and take control more!

It may seem like an easy thing to do but planning out your future can be a scary task which can often get on top of you.

Often we are great at giving out advice to friends but when it comes to taking charge of your own life it can be an awful lot harder than helping out a friend. As sometimes it is difficult to listen to your own advice when it is you personally in the situation. When you’re facing your next dilemma just think what advice you would give to a friend and trust yourself.

Organisation is a great help when taking control, having an organised desk and an up to date diary will make day to day life so much easier and empower you to take charge.

Making lists is a great way to put all your jumbled thoughts on to paper, having a note book and pen by your bed means you can write down anything that might pop into your head during the night. A list doesn’t just have to be a to do list but why not make a personal goals list to give you something to work towards and strive to achieve.

If a new opportunity comes along take it ! To make things happen and move forward you need to take on new opportunities otherwise you will just be at a stand still or even taking steps backwards. You are in control of your own life so you can pick and choose what opportunities you take but make sure to not ignore all those which come your way, as you might miss out on something truly special.

Finally, in order to ensure you are taking control and charge of your life put yourself first. If you are forever doing things for others it is a great attribute to have, however why not try putting yourself first for a change. Do things that will make you happy and further your own career.

Stay positive and in control, and you will be on track for your personal and professional goals in no time!


Written by Kelsie Mcphail