Take It Easy: 6 Ways To Relax After A Busy Day At Work

There is nothing better than coming back home after a busy day at work and hours spent on public transportation. Yet parking yourself in front of your TV or computer might not be the best way to actually relax after a busy day. It is important to free your mind and body and here there are some easy tips to follow!


#1 Take A Hot Bath

It is a classic but it always works. Take a long, hot bath and put some salts in it and a few drops of L’Occitane  lavender or Bulgarian rose otto oil. They will help you take the stress away and will wake up your senses while helping to get rid of skin’s impurities.

#2 Feet Up

Don’t jump on the sofa the moment you step in your apartment. Especially after a long day of commuting or wearing high heels your legs might be heavy and ankles swollen. Lie on the floor and put your feet up the wall. It will help the blood flows and avoid varicose veins.

#3 Try Some Yoga

You don’t need to become the next Yoga Guru but learn some simple poses and try to repeat them every day. It will help you rest your brain and feel more in contact with your body, together with getting your body more stretched. You will feel fit and rested at the same time.

#4 Update your journal or blog

Writing down you thoughts and feelings is a great way to let all your troubles or concerns out together with keeping track of all your experiences and best or worst memories.

#5 Tea And Infusion

If you are feeling particularly stressed, drinking a warm chamomile or relaxing tea or liquorice or fennel infusion might help you calm down. And don’t be afraid to eat a couple of cookies too, you probably well deserved it!

#6 Invite Your Friends Over

Finally, there is nothing better than having your besties over and enjoying a nice dinner, especially if home cooked. Plus, with your friends it is always wine o’ clock! Who can still feel stressed and angry at the world after a glass of bubbly prosecco?




What is your favorite way to relax after a busy day at work? Let us know in the comments below

  1. I work as a lawyer in London so I could definitely benefit from these tips! Thank you x


  2. “Don’t jump on the sofa the moment you step in your apartment”.

    I totally agree! Why not simply grab a good book and jump in a
    hammock chair in your living room? When you hop into a hanging chair, you
    aren’t just settling into a comfy swing- you’re adopting a healthier, happier
    way of life I think.


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