Can Taking The Pill Make You Depressed?

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Worryingly, new research has shown that women who take the pill are more likely to suffer from depression. Most of us have used the pill at some time or other. Frustratingly, we all generally know at least one person who has suffered from bad symptoms.

While some of my friends are perfectly happy with the pill, several girls endure nausea, depression, and other things. These then magically disappear once you stop taking the pill! One of the most common side effects is mood change – how many of you have felt different while on the pill?

As this news surfaces, we’ve started thinking about different things every girl in her twenties should be doing to look after her body and make sure it’s as healthy as possible!

Stay Informed About Contraception 
There are so many different options out there – a million different pills, the shot… So do your research online, or talk to your doctor, so you can work out what’s best for you. Are you easily forgetful? Maybe the pill isn’t the best choice. Scared of needles? Maybe not the shot. It’s really important to do your homework and choose the best contraception for you personally! It’s your body and your choice of how you’re going to manage it.

Consider an HPV Vaccine
Girls are offered the HPV vaccine in their early to mid-teens, mainly to prevent the development of cervical cancer. If you missed that window, or it’s been more than ten years since you first had it, consider getting the vaccination now – adults are still advised to vaccinate against HPV because the virus is so common. 

Don’t Miss Your Yearly Gyno!
It can be a bit scary and maybe embarrassing having a gyno checkup, but it’s essential for ensuring your body is in top shape and means you can spot any changes in your body at the earliest date. The best way to lessen any fears and apprehensions about these is by knowing what to expect: a general checkup, breast and pelvic exam, and pap smear. If you have any questions or concerns, prepare those before your appointment! It’s a safe space to talk about anything on your mind.

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  • Jenelle Witty

    I have to share this with a friend who was thinking about going off of it. Personally going off of it was the best decision.

    xx Jenelle

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